“Albania 🇦🇱 ~We Have a Departure Plan”

In addition to our good meal this evening, after having a so-so meal the night before, it felt celebratory for us! Sometimes it is the little things, which add up to big things. Earlier, we had a bit of a… Read More

“Albania 🇦🇱 ~The Blue Eye of Muzine”

In a 30 minute drive, out of the seaside town of Sarande, is this incredible water source. I can honestly say I have seen clear water like this, before, but I have never seen these colors with the clarity, before…. Read More

“Albania 🇦🇱 ~Back in Sarandë”

We arrived in Sarande this afternoon from Gjirokastër, with a climb over a mountain pass, then dropping back down into the Albanian Riviera. We had hoped to see the Director of UNESCO again, before we left, but the busy crowds,… Read More

“Albania 🇦🇱 ~Gjirokaster Village and Castle”

We enjoyed our day so much in this medieval town, we decided to stay another night. We are staying up near the fort, where the old villages are. There is also the town of Gjirokastër, down at a lower elevation…. Read More

“Albania, in Gijirokastra and Our Quest for Culture and Castles”

Traveling the countryside, we see castle signs, brown in color, which point to the cultural past. Castles are all over Albania and they are fascinating. We are currently visiting the villages of Gijirokasra, where it’s many ancient relics are in… Read More

“Albania 🇦🇱 ~The Medieval Village of Berat”

While we haven’t seen everything there is to see in Albania, we have seen a lot, as we begin to wrap up our adventures here, and make our way to a new country. We feel very filled-up with all things,… Read More

“Albania 🇦🇱 ~Cape of Rodon and Castle”

We left beautiful Boge, and we would head south, in search of Cape of Rodon and its Castle ruins. As is the norm, while we would finally find the road to the Cape, but the challenge to find the road… Read More

“Albania 🇦🇱 ~Scenic Drive and Theth National Park”

Our second attempt to make it all the way to Theth National Park was a success. We left early in the morning, by 7AM, and were back in Boge Village by noon. The road is not good, and we made… Read More

“Albania, The Epic Tour of Theth National Park”

Our first attempt to reach the park was full with obstacles. Our car was not equipped with good tires or enough clearance for such rough roads. Protruding boulders and potholes mark every few feet. We drove about as far as… Read More

“Albania 🇦🇱 ~Now, Plan B”

We are expreincing a few stops and starts, here in Boge. BUT, this is a living example how the journey is as important as the destination. We checked out of our humble homestay “Gjelosh Gegaj” in Boge, fully intending to… Read More

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