“Serbia 🇷🇸 ~The Ethno Wood Town Called Kustendorf”

There was no way we were leaving Mokra Gora, without taking a look at this unique setting. The story behind this wood town is captivating, as well as the visual joy of seeing it for ourselves. On a Sunday, the… Read More

“Serbia 🇷🇸 ~Sargan Eight Train Ride in Mokra Gora”

We had a fun day, indeed! The weather started out with a storm, as we waited for the train to arrive to the station, but in the two hour ride, we would see some sunshine. It all made for some… Read More

“Serbia 🇷🇸 ~Drive Day From Belgrade to Mokra Gora”

We had to make a decision, once I learned from the American Embassy in Belgrade, that our COVID19 tests would cost about $300. The results would come back quickly, but what wasn’t clear was how fast we could get our… Read More

“Serbia, Mokra Gora Railway”

The rain was pouring down, and lightning flashing just before the the cracking of the bone l-jarring thunder rippled across the canyons. We have thirty minutes before our train leaves the station. We try to run between the rain drops… Read More

“Serbia, Driving the Forest Roads”

Our drive destination was set as we were driving through the small villages. I stopped for some snacks at a store and fill up our phones. The lady is working to fill the phone, but its going slow, and people are… Read More

“Serbia 🇷🇸 ~Scenic, From Novi Sad to Fruska Gora, to Belgrade”

We headed out of Novi Sad, with big plans for our trip to Fruska Gora. But, but got road blocked on both ends of the National Park, due to construction, so we did not fully get to see what we… Read More

“Serbia 🇷🇸 ~Petrovaradin Fortress and Around Novi Sad”

We absolutely love Novi Sad! The vibe, the old-world feel, the charm, and the culture. This is a bigger city, yet, the feeling is still like an enchanting small town. I’m not sure how, but it is. This morning we… Read More

“Serbia, Novi Sad”

Getting to this town was easier, than trying to find a canyon which Serbia shares with Romania. Instead, we end up in Belgrade, without our phones working, poor communication and our maps not working.  Paper map would be a great backup,… Read More

“Serbia 🇷🇸 ~Novi Sad at Trg Slobode”

We are currently in Novi Sad. Novi Sad means “New Orchard,” and has nothing to do with sad-ness. It is the second largest city in Serbia, and one of the cities we were really looking forward to seeing. It dates… Read More

“Serbia, Lost and Found on the Road to Novi Sad”

We set off to visit the Fortress, just down the road. It was Sunday morning and streets are busiest on this day, all the locals are out for some exploring as well. We arrived at 11 AM and the parking… Read More

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