“Kosovo to Montenegro Detour”

We leave Paradise in the mountains of Bogë, Kosovo to go back down one of the deepest and longest canyon in Europe. We passed mountain flowers and rushing waters,as we wound through the chiseled our cave tunnels. One cave is… Read More

“Kosovo 🇽🇰 ~The National Library of Kosovo in Pristina”

This was the only site, besides the Bear Sanctuary we were interested in seeing. Big cities usually do not appeal to us, due to the congestion, noise levels, and lack of photographic scenes. If there are significant site to see,… Read More

“Kosovo 🇽🇰 ~Bear Sanctuary in Pristina”

What a great stop, to see beautiful Brown Bears, which are indigenous to the Balkans Peninsula. We weren’t sure if the sanctuary would be open, but it was; masked required inside, but not outside. Plenty of locals were visiting as… Read More

“Kosovo 🇽🇰 ~Getting Tested”

After our failed attempt to cross the border from Kosovo to Montenegro, we crossed back over into Kosovo, and back to Peja. We found a place to stay the night, to think on things and hopefully hatch a plan. We… Read More

“Kosovo 🇽🇰 ~ Leaving Rugova Canyon and Heading for Montenegro 🇲🇪”

After a very relaxing morning in Boge, we finally packed up and left the mountain cabin, a bit reluctantly. I admit. But, since it’s the same M9 roadway going out, as it was coming in, we got to see another… Read More

“Kosovo 🇽🇰 ~From Prizren to Rugova Canyon and Mountains, to Boge Village”

We love that we found our overnight stay last night in a village called Boge, because not long ago, we had another lovely stay in another village by the same name in Albania; just a few weeks ago. From this… Read More

“Kosovo, In Bogë”

Our journey today seemed simple, in a dramatic canyon in the Rugove mountains. The maps are hard to navigate, and we switch from Apple Maps to Google maps; the latter we never use. Unsure how it works, we blindly traverse… Read More

“Kosovo 🇽🇰 ~Our Fun Day in Prizren”

Today was sunny and hot, after some clouds and a bit of drizzle, during a part of our day, yesterday. It was such a beautiful morning, we left the car parked and got plenty of exercise around and about; in… Read More

“Kosovo 🇽🇰 ~Scenic From the Border with Macedonia 🇲🇰 to Prizren”

The following photos are why I love to explore country after country. Not all foreign lands wow me, but when they do, the a joy I feel is almost indescribable I feel so filled-up with happiness and gratefulness, I could… Read More

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