“Uganda 🇺🇬 ~Just In Case You Missed It”

Uganda 🇺🇬 Year-To-Date; Completed Travel Stats Currently through: January 2, 2020 Total Miles Traveled to date: 81,999 Miles Since November of 2018: Vietnam 🇻🇳✅ 12,906 Miles Cambodia 🇰🇭✅ 1,860 Miles Vietnam 🇻🇳✅ (again) 870 Miles Malaysia, Borneo🇲🇾✅ 3,155 Miles Brunei… Read More

“Ethiopia 🇪🇹 ~We are in Addis Ababa”

We get to celebrate a second Christmas, here, as Ethiopians celebrate on January 7th (Orthodox) Their New Year has already been celebrated back in September. The Ethiopian Calendar explained here: That calendar makes me think of the date of our… Read More

“Uganda 🇺🇬 ~Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Gorilla Tracking”

The highlight of our journey to Uganda was to track the wild Mountain Gorillas “somewhere” in the large protected mountain reserve. It was the actual purpose for this fully packed 8-day Safari adventure. On Christmas morning, we were up and… Read More

“Uganda 🇺🇬 ~Kibale National Park Chimpanzee Tracking”

Kibale National Park is the most magnificent of Uganda’s tropical rain forests, and one of the most rewarding areas to explore. Established at the end of the 18th Century, Kibale boasts 13 species of primates including the localized Red Colobus,… Read More

“Uganda 🇺🇬 ~Kazinga Channel Boat Launch Safari”

“Uganda 🇺🇬 ~Launch Cruise on the Waters of Murchison Falls”

The cruise upriver from Paraa, on the South bank; to view Murchison Falls at the head of the Fajao Gorge, has been the park’s most popular attraction since the 1950s. Also known as the Delta Nile, a launch cruise boat ride… Read More

“Uganda 🇺🇬 ~Murchison Falls National Park”

This is where the Nile explodes through a narrow gorge and cascades down to become a placid river whose banks are thronged with hippos and crocodiles, waterbucks and buffalo. The vegetation is characterised by savannah, riverine forests and woodlands. Wildlife… Read More

“Uganda 🇺🇬 ~Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary”

Two species of Rhinos once roamed the savannahs and woodlands of Uganda. Today, the wild Rhinos are gone from Uganda. We would track, on foot, for about two hours to find and observe about seven Rhinos of varying ages. It… Read More

“Uganda 🇺🇬 ~Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Tracking Rare Golden Monkeys”

Mgahinga is Uganda’s smallest National Park. The park takes its name from “Gahinga;” …the local word for the piles of volcanic stones cleared from farmland, at the foot of the volcanoes. The British administration declared the area a game sanctuary… Read More

“Uganda 🇺🇬 ~Lake Albert’s Delta Rift Valley in Murchison Falls National Park”

The Nile; Lake Albert Delta is a stretch of water where the tranquil Victoria Nile pours its water into Lake Albert. Its banks are a home for much birdlife. Some of these birds include: Goliath Heron, Great Egrets, African fish… Read More

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