About Us

Hello and Welcome to our Travel Blog Website,

We are into our fourth year of our full-time Gypsy Lifestyle; buying one-way tickets to circumvent the globe. We enjoy writing about our experiences and taking photos of our adventuring along the way.

Our names are: Daryl and Pen, but Daryl calls me “Bunny.” We met, quite randomly, while both traveling in Thailand with friends. We happened to be in the same travel group, and whilst touring the grounds of the Royal Palace in Bangkok one day, we were automatically drawn to one another. During that one moment in time, while waiting in line to view the enormous Reclining Buddha Statue, our lives changed forever, with that first conversation. We both fell crazy in love on the spot, and got married six months later. Because we are soulmates, we easily fell into step with one another and our hearts became one.

Today, we are living our best lives; “joined at the hip,” while we explore the world. Not only do we share the same dreams and aspirations, we are so much alike, we are practically the same person. It is all quite efforless, and we love this element of our togetherness, the best. With our love for writing and photography, we also have the most unique travel book in the works, which we plan to publish, one day in the future. We do much of that book work and organizing, as we travel, and at the same time, we are happy to share our experiences and adventures with anybody who wants to follow us.

Our blog is only about 1.5 years young, so not all our travels are on here. For this reason, I also include my Photo Website link at the bottom of our page, which shows the balance of, what will soon be, 100 countries visited!

We have always vowed to “keep it real,” as we report the good, and sometimes the bad, and even; the not so pretty aspects of travel.
We are proud of the content of our site, and we hope you enjoy what we have to offer. We are also very happy to have you “along for the ride!”

Graciously and Humbly Yours,
Daryl and Pen

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