“Pakistan 🇵🇰 ~Just In Case You Missed It”

Year-To-Date; Completed Travel Stats: Currently: November 4, 2018 thru November 28, 2020 Total Miles Traveled to date: 113, 900 Since November of 2018, when I began this record  keeping, we have traveled through 41 countries. BUT, in total, I have visited 85 countries… Read More

“Pakistan 🇵🇰 ~The Rest of the Story…When the Police Ended Our Touring”

For those who have, or maybe have not been following us, we had a security situation confront us during our final week of our 30-day Visa, whilst in Pakistan. We have not felt comfortable talking about what went down, till… Read More

“Pakistan 🇵🇰 ~We Head For The Airport Tonight!”

We are currently counting down the hours till we get to fly, in the wee hours of a 1:30AM outbound flight! We will not arrive at our final destination of Armenia, till two planes, two layovers, two more country stops… Read More

“Pakistan 🇵🇰 ~ Back in Islamabad, But Not by Choice”

First off, we are safe, in good health and fine. What else we are, is very disappointed. We have quite a story to share, about what has transpired over the last few days, but are not in a good position… Read More

“Pakistan 🇵🇰 ~We Are in Kallar Kahar; Valley of Peacocks”

It’s been a long day, but we have transferred by van, from Abbottabad to Kallar Kahar. It was mostly highway and not all that interesting. Soon we could see Kallar Lake in the distance, and we knew we were close…. Read More

Pakistan “Heading Back to Abbottabad”

The shelling in Neelum Valley from India had not stopped, three days later. Drivers refuse to take a risk, so we headed back to Abbottabad.  It has rained for three days making the water grey, but the skies were clear…. Read More

“Pakistan🇵🇰 ~We Are Going to Armenia!”

We are going to Armenia! Unlike pre-pandemic travel, where we got to pick where we wanted to go, and just go; now it takes a bit more planning and preparing, as visits are now dependent on whether or not borders… Read More

“Pakistan 🇵🇰 ~Muzzafarabad in Kashmir, to Abbottabad”

🌺 “The quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight. 🌺The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention.”🌺 We just made it back to Abbottabad, from being up in Kashmir and are staying at… Read More

“Pakistan🇵🇰~We Are in the Kashmir Region”

“What a Year this Day Has Been!” We started out strong, driving from Abbottabad to Muzzafarabad. Not far out of Muzzafarabad, heading to Neelum Valley, we were stopped by the police and Daryl was interviewed. But, we were allowed to… Read More

“Pakistan 🇵🇰 ~We Are Experiencing the Epitome of Off-the-Beaten-Path Travel in Abbottabad”

After a second day of traveling the difficult and steep mountain roads, being tossed from side to side, plus hiking in the Forest on trails, we are taking the day off to give our bodies time to rest, and catch… Read More

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We are well into our third year of our full-time Gypsy lifestyle; buying one-way tickets to circumvent the globe. We enjoy writing about our experiences and taking photos of our adventuring along the way.  Our names are Daryl and Pen,… Read More