“USA 🇺🇸 ~Arizona In Kingman ~Happy Gobble Gobble Day and Just Some Random Things”

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and yours! ❤️

This is our first home-cooked Thanksgiving we have done, since 2017! We had only been home for a few months, after being gone for nine months, before we left in 2018, to travel the world for 3.5 more years!

So, our kitchen in “The Whale” was a-hopping, as we made all the traditional homemade goodies!
The big guy was brining the Turkey outside in the cooler, (since yesterday). It will take a few hours in our rotisserie to get ’er done. He got the smallest Turkey he could find; 14 pounds.
Daryl chopped, diced and peeled everything that needed to be chopped diced and peeled. It saved on my back, big time, and I appreciate him!
We had quite a spread planned, even if it’s just us two.
Leftover Turkey will turn into homemade tamales, later!

⬆️ We had to cut the wings off to make that big bird fit! Obviously 14 pounds was a smidge too big for the Rotisserie

⬆️ Daryl was too fast for me, to get a pic. He was a meat cutter for 37 years, so he was on it! 🤣

Raspberry Salad and Deviled Eggs 

Stuffing and Gravy 

Mashed Potatoes 

Smoked Salmon Dip

⬆️ To the grandkids, this is called Pumpkin Cake, but the adult name is “Better Than Sex Cake” 😁

You may note we have no vegetable dish….. Daryl had ONE JOB on cooking day. When dinner was ready, he said; “Oops I forgot.” 🤣 


Last year was our first Thanksgiving back in the USA, after traveling overseas for so many years. We ate at a Cracker Barrel in Tennessee. I know, right? 🙃 But, we had a tiny trailer and not even an oven! ⬆️ We loved our “Tiny,” but def needed more for full-timing!

This year, we tried to get to family on the East Coast for the holidays, but for more than one thing going wrong with that plan,  we remain here in Arizona.
My heart is hurting 💔 just a wee bit, still, as I’m missing being with our kiddos in North Carolina; in fact, we got a lovely Thanksgiving dinner invite from Chelsies in-laws in Georgia (had we gone east to be ALL together).
But, my heart is also full of thankfulness for what is, otherwise.

And now, we have an amazing kitchen and are doing-up a Thanksgiving meal to make anybody proud; even though it’s just the two of us!
With our vehicles in two different shops, Daryl did an amazing job with his electric bike, getting us all the groceries we needed!

MEMORY: Back in the day, raising my family and living on the farm, I always put a big spread on in July, too, because one Thanksgiving a year, never seemed like enough! 

It was a very, very nice Thanksgiving at the Saunders House; aka “The Whale.”


In other news……

⬆️ Best to catch those windshield chips, before they turn into cracks!
The local business, called Glass Doctors did a great job, with a “We fix your Pane” motto 😁👍

Windshield replacements can be upwards of 4-5 grand for Class A’s.
Three chips so far, but WINNING! $110 included the service call.


Our Suvie 3.0/ exchange delivered last night, just in time for Thanksgiving!

Nothing was wrong with our Suvie 2.0 Robot, but the 3.0 is a smaller unit and has deeper pans.  (last picture is of the 2.0)

Updating the system right now, and Pesto Chicken is on the menu tonight. (The robot acts as a fridge when gone all day, then turns to the oven/broiler on a schedule- can operate remotely, if we want dinner ready earlier or later).
Thank you Suvie!
This is my kitchen. We travel full-time in our Motorhome.…we love our Suvie/Starchie Robots!

 ⬆️ This is our first Suvie; the 2.0.
After receiving our 3.0 Suvie, the company sent out a shipping box and label to return the 2.0 with. These units weigh about 75 pounds

⬇️ What do ya do when Avocados 🥑 are abundant at the grocery store, and so-so delicious ?

Make Guacamole!

⬇️ Another winner meal for cold weather: 
Homemade Wild Mushroom Chicken Soup with Homemade Beer Bread.
…Also baking my own garlic, so we had all the delicious smells in The Whale.

Then, I made Cha Si Pork ⬇️

After marinating the pork butt for 24 hours, and baking for an hour, we are enjoying Cha Si Pork!

I grew up in Oregon, and back in the day, Chinese Food Restaurants there, were the best around. I mention this, because Americanized Chinese Food is way better (imho) than actual Chinese foods, found in China; and I am well traveled in China.
I didn’t really care for actual Chinese food, when we went there for a couple of months. It was a shock to me! Who knew?
So I can take a Chinese recipe and Americanize it to our own liking.
Oh, by the way, my pork is not as red in color, (as in pic #3) because I omit any red food coloring called for in recipes.
Happy Sunday y’all!🤣

⬇️ Mornings are a mite chilly with below freezing temps, outside.

Till The Whale heats up, I have a “Sherpa Blanket” to wrap up in and drink my coffee (a blanket with arm sleeves).
We have a heater in the “basement” of our coach we keep on low, so no worries about pipes freezing, but we don’t run heat inside the coach at night.
(we both love a cold room to sleep in)
Life is good. We are grateful to have heat when we need it.
(we have a heated water hose hook-up, for these freezing temps. Only way to go)



We just experienced the worst storm, to date in “The Whale!” We knew the day would come, eventually.
We had 50 MPH gusts of wind, pouring rain and flooding all around, for 48 hours, straight.
The Whale shook, rattled and whistled, while it blew outside, but she held steady over all. It was very noisy, but No leaks.
Now, we enjoy lots of sunshine to dry things up. Looks like we are good for awhile.


⬇️ Today we were out doing some banking and grocery shopping. As you can see, Daryl got his bike set-up with our trusty wagon.

….We were trying to beat the rain, when my tire went flat, AGAIN! It is also very windy. SOOO, we had to divert to the bike shop and borrow their tire pump (the mechanic had the day off—drats)!
Apparently, in Arizona, there is a weed that has something called a “goat head” on it, and these suckers are hard and very sharp. Sharp enough to flatten bike tires! When it’s windy they blow all around.
I’ve had two flat tires on two different windy days, I’ve been out n about, so I’m thinkin I’ve been goat-headed! 🤣🤣
It will cost me about $90 to get two new “thorn-resistant” tires that have sealant in them; which activate when a puncture occurs, to fill the leak.
I definitely went for it, but on the day of my appointment at the bike store I was so down in the back, there was no riding my bike. Daryl jumped in and took my bike in for me. Now I’m set with the puncture resistant tubes!

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