“Armenia 🇦🇲 ~A New Realization is Upon Us”

Since last spring; 2020 and the first world-wide lockdown, in order to continue traveling from country to country, we would first be required to prove we had a negative PCR test, before entering the said new countries. Many borders were… Read More

“Travel. I Say TRAVEL!”

“Daryl’s Hair Journey” ~Part V”

Five Months Since Daryl Got His New Hair Transplants! While he is still a little far out from the one-year date of his surgery; which is like the finish line of a great journey, we are both noting some amazing… Read More

“Hello and Welcome to Flight #2021”

Hello, and welcome aboard Flight #2021 ✈️  We are prepared for take-off, in just a few moments, for a direct flight into the New Year.  *Please make sure your Attitude and Blessings are secured and locked in an upright position. *All Self-Destructive… Read More

“Daryl’s Hair Journey” ~Part IV

Tomorrow, it will be six weeks since Daryl had his hair transplant surgery. I know! Where does the time go? The big guy has been doing very well, after those first ten days, which were a bit rough. This is… Read More

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~The Good News and Not So Good News”

The good news is we are safe and healthy, and back on the Europe side of Turkey, in Istanbul, which we happen to love, but…… …..The not so good news is a double-whammy, which only 2020 can dole out. We… Read More

“Daryls Hair Journey” ~~Part III

Now that two weeks have almost gone by, I am seeing Daryl slowly re-emerge to his usual fun self.  Just today, I saw his winning smile, and he was making (bad) jokes, like normal 🤣🤣 He is sleeping well, and… Read More

“Daryls Hair Journey” ~~Part II

First Six Days The good news is.. I feel hair growing back on Daryls whole scalp. The implanted top hair feels very strong and corse, so far. After three rough nights, trying to sleep sitting up, which is a requirement… Read More

A Different Kind of Trip ~”Daryls Hair Journey” ~Part I

Surgery; Day 1 and Fillow-up Day: 2 FULL DISCLOSURE…Actual Photos, below We are calling this “Daryls Hair Journey.” Technically, this particular blog post is not about travel, but at the same time, it IS quite a trip; done in a… Read More

“We Are So Excited!”

Though it has been six months since I’ve researched hotels and actually made a reservation; preferring to wing it, instead, during COVID times, it was just like riding a bike! We fly to Turkey this evening and will enjoy some… Read More

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Hello, and Welcome to “2 Gypsies In The Wind!”

We are well into our third year of our full-time Gypsy lifestyle; buying one-way tickets to circumvent the globe. We enjoy writing about our experiences and taking photos of our adventuring along the way.  Our names are Daryl and Pen,… Read More