“In Limbo, Between Two Countries” 🇧🇬 🇹🇷

Travel Planning Sure, there are challenges, trying to circumvent this world, as we travel full-time, but, as long as we get to keep moving, we are happy. After a full five-hours of travel planning this morning after I woke up;… Read More

“Bulgaria, Our Quest, a Roman Bridge”

With dawn, our flasks of coffee were consumed with great pleasure. I eat my breakfast to regain my energy. We pack our bags and off we go.  We took in the sites in the city, then searched out some mushroom… Read More

“Bulgaria 🇧🇬 ~The Devil’s Bridge in Dyadoctsi”

The day started our fresh and beautiful. There is Fall in the air, as the colors of the leaves are starting to change. It is still hot, but not as hot, during the day. Did you know we have not… Read More

“Bulgaria 🇧🇬 ~Plovdiv is the Oldest Continually Inhabited City in Europe + Mushroom Stones!”

Plovdiv was interesting. We came in after dark, last night, so it was fun to see it in the daylight. How cool to be in the the oldest (continually inhabited city) in Europe? It is the reason we came here…. Read More

“Bulgaria 🇧🇬 ~ Shipka Memorial Church; “St Nikolay” in Shipka”

SPECTACULAR! After we left the coast of the Black Sea, we drove several hours to see this Church, which took us inland, and closer to central Bulgaria. We first wanted to stop in Burgas to see another coastal town, but… Read More

“Bulgaria 🇧🇬 ~Ancient Town in Nessebar”

We made an excellent choice, choosing Nessebar as our getaway destination at the Black Sea, if only a few days. We enjoyed the seaside, with perfect weather and a calm around the resort and water, that, even with plenty of… Read More

“Bulgaria, Black Sea Resort Time”

We found ourselves next to the Black Sea. A archeologists from a leading University in California is coming out with a book. His research has lead him to believe that Bulgaria and the Black Sea area is the real birthplace… Read More

“Bulgaria, We Find Ourselves Today, Chasing After Unattainable Destinations”

Before leaving the Black Sea area we explored an island that was the ancient city and fort. A walk around reveals the remains of churches and fort walls.  The streets are cobblestone and walkways are flat stones. The buildings had… Read More

“Bulgaria 🇧🇬 ~The Stone Forest and The Black Sea”

We had some drive-time today, leaving Madara, to make it all the way to Nessebar on the Black Sea coast. Our main reason for coming to Bulgaria was for the Black Sea. We had been near the Black Sea, back… Read More

“Bulgaria Bound”

There is a mysterious calmness, and the air is idle. With not a cloud in the sky and haze abounded around us, there are no signs of Gypsy tail winds, no rain; not a drop. Something is amiss, as we… Read More

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