“Just In Case You Missed It” ~India 🇮🇳”

Year-To-Date; Completed Travel Stats

We began traveling (again) from Los Angeles, California on November 2, 2018.  We were gone for another full-time year of travel, prior, but did not have an official travel blog, yet. As of a month ago, we lost a years worth of blogging for our second year of traveling full-time; no thanks to Facebook.  Now, we are building a new website to prevent any further loss of our travel blogging.  Our new sight will soon be up and running!  Until that time, there is my; Bunny Chronicles and Daryl’s; World Travel, still on FB, to keep it all going.  In addition, we have photos available for viewing, which go far back in our world travel on our photo websites:  


Currently through: November 14, 2019

Total Miles Traveled to date: 65,202 Miles (in just over one year)!

Since November of 2018:

 1. Vietnam 🇻🇳✅    

 2. Cambodia 🇰🇭✅ ~To and thru Cambodia 1,860 Miles   

 3. Vietnam 🇻🇳✅ (again) ~To and thru Vietnam 13,776 Miles

 4. Malaysia 🇲🇾✅ ~To and thru (Borneo) Malaysia 3,155 Miles   

 5. Brunei 🇧🇳 ✅ ~To and thru Brunei 672 Miles   

 6. Philippines 🇵🇭✅

 7.  Papua New Guinea🇵🇬✅ ~ To and thru Papua New Guinea 7,478 Miles   

 8. Philippines 🇵🇭✅ (again) ~To and thru Philippines 4,112 Miles      

 9. Taiwan 🇹🇼✅  ~To and thru Taiwan 1,817 Miles

10.South Korea 🇰🇷✅ ~To and thru South Korea 3,516 Miles

11.Japan 🇯🇵✅ ~ To and thru Japan 1,866 Miles

12.Kazakhstan    🇰🇿✅ 

13.Kyrgyzstan     🇰🇬✅

14.Uzbekistan     🇺🇿✅

15.Tajikistan        🇹🇯✅

16.Turkmenistan 🇹🇲✅ 

17 Kazakhstan    🇰🇿✅ (again) ~To and thru  Kazakhstan 1,247 

                                       ~To and through ALL Five Stans 6,355 Miles 

18.Mongolia 🇲🇳✅ ~To and Thru Mongolia 4,854 Miles

19.United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪✅ ~To and thru UAE 2,147 Miles

20.India 🇮🇳✅ ~To and thru India 9,742 Miles

To get to our 20th Stop: We flew by plane ✈️ From Dubai, UAE 🇦🇪 to  Mumbai, India 🇮🇳 1,198 Miles 

We traveled by way of: Plane ✈️, 4×4 truck, Bus, Safari Jeep, Train 🚂, Taxi 🚕, and walking 

List of Traveling Point: Mumbai, Bandhavgarh National Park (Tiger Safari), Jabalpur, Tala, Aurangabad, South Goa, Hampi, North Goa, Kochi, Alleppey; House-boating  in the Backwaters of Kerala

“India 🇮🇳 Alleppey (Alappuzha) ~Lighthouse and Snake Temple”

This afternoon, we started out with beautiful weather to visit the nearby lighthouse.  After the lighthouse stop, we continued on in a Tuk Tuk for an hour to explore the Snake Temple.  If we had time, there was also another Temple to visit as well.

The lighthouse was built in the year 1862, and was one of the busiest ports and trade centre of Kerala, during that time. It is also one of the oldest lighthouses on the south-west coast of India.
Snake Temple.and rain!
The Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple (or the Snake Temple) is a very ancient and well-known temple that is dedicated to the serpent gods.
The temple has over 30,000 images of snakes in various shapes and sizes along the path and among the trees, and it is one amongst the largest such temples in Kerala. The temple is located in the town of Harippad in the Alappuzha district of Kerala state.
Women seeking fertility come here to worship and upon the birth of their child come back and conduct special poojas, who often bring snake images as offerings. Though the legend related to the origin of the place cannot be deemed as its history, the story on the evolution of Mannarasala as being one of the foremost places of worship of the Snake gods is associated with Lord Parashurama who is said to be the creator of Kerala.

The lighthouse visit was first, and we did get to go inside. It was so hot, after climbing the lighthouse, we entered the little museum for the A/C, before we moved on to the next stop.

This lighthouse is just one of MANY along the Arabian Sea in India. They line the coast, from North Goa, all the way down to Kerala. (see map photo). We love lighthouses, and honestly, if the road system were better, south of Mumbai, we would have arranged a self-tour, but the misery of being thrown around on roads, that are so torn up, along with the heavy traffic of such a populated country, would not make for a very fun trip. It would take DAYS to go the full distance of the coast, due to such a poor road system. One day, maybe the roads will be fixed, because it would be fun to see the lighthouses.

Sadly, the weather had taken a terrible turn, as we neared the Snake Temple, so it was in a downpour that we made a dash for the structure; only to learn it did not open for another hour!  We hopped back into to Tuk Tuk and returned to Alleppey, and called it a day.  We were so looking forward to going inside the Snake Temple, as it’s very old, and it has the most interesting stories of myths and legends! The other Temple, we did not learn anything about, because we turned around and traveled the same bad road, back to Alleppey Beach, without any more stops, with the storm raging on!  I honestly do not know how that tuk tuk driver could see anything; all the while, Daryl is on the left side of the back seat and I am on the storm side of the tuk tuk, with wind blowing the rain in, to perfectly pool on the seat to my right. I sat in a puddle for an hour and a half, and I protected my purse and my camera, between Daryl and I, as I was huddled close to him, to try to get away from the rain. Crazy thing was, I ALWAYS take a light rain jacket and a little day pack, with a camera rain cover inside, but for some reason, this time I did not not. That will teach me! My camera and my “barely working” iPhone are no worse for wear, and the one thing about humidity and tropical storms, everything tends to dry quickly, including me and my dress.

Fast forward to early morning, next day. It is 3:30AM, and we are up and packing for another domestic flight, back to Mumbai. This will be our last domestic flight in India, after two months of touring. We can’t help but wonder, if an early morning flight will take off on time, any better than all the other flights we have taken, closer to midnight. We shall see, but at 3:30AM, we seriously wondered if we could roll over and sleep for another hours or so, and still make the 8:15AM flight (that was surely destined to be delayed; even with the 2.5 hour drive to the airport in Kochi). Not wanting to take a chance that this plane would actually be on time, and leave without us, we get moving. We enjoy our coffee, then packed up, and were in a taxi by 4:30AM. We made good time, and arrived at the airport in 1.5 hours, so we are way early. We find a power outlet inside the airport, to charge our devices, so we can entertain ourselves, while standing by. Finally, there were humans at the Air India ticket counter. We got in line to get our boarding passes. We were then told there WAS a delay in our flight from 8:15AM to 9:30AM. Yes, this is the flight schedule we have come know. Long story short, while we did take off at 9:30AM, we had to circle the Mumbai Airport for 45 minutes, waiting for a gate to open, though.

Finally on the ground, and so grateful to be done, with yet another LONG transfer day ( another two-two hour flight that took us nine hours to achieve)…but we ALL know how much plane travel makes things so much faster *sarcasm here.*

“Two Trips to India 🇮🇳, in Two Years”

By November 14th, we had the pleasure of spending 65 total travel days in this huge country of India 🇮🇳 

We have been to the Indian states of: 


~New and Old Delhi; Gandhi, Jaisalmer; Camel Safari, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Pushkar, Agra; Taj Mahal~Forts, Palaces, Lakes, Gurus, Holy Men, meeting a real Prince; future king of Rajasthan! Train Travel, Temples, Monkeys, Cobras, Elephants, Physic Bishnoli people~drinking Opium, seeing weavers, potters, and buying healing gems 

Madhya Pradesh:

~Jabalpur, Tala, and Bandhavgarh National Park; Tiger Safari SUCCESS- eleven sightings


Mumbai ~Capital of India and old Bombay, Aurangabad~Ellora and Ajanta stone-carved cave Temples 


Hampi ~Ancient Empire Ruins of Vijayanagar, Hippie Island, and Hospet

Goa: Smallest Indian State

~South at Cavelosim Beach, where we survived a Cyclone! AND~North at Calangute Beach, where we have sunshine 


Kochi ~Airport Town, Alleppey Beach (also called Alappuzha ) and the “Backwaters of Karela” for Houseboating 

Will there be a third trip to India in our future? MAP: All we know for sure is, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar ARE on the Itinerary, and as you can see, India will be, once again, be so close!