“Macedonia 🇲🇰 ~Got The Green Light for Bulgaria!”

Our COVID Test results were delayed till 4PM today, but we finally got them! Whew! The clock starts ticking from the time we got our test, to the time we have to make it to the border, or the test… Read More

“Macedonia 🇲🇰 ~In Skopje; Covid19 Testing for Bulgaria”

And We Are Excited! We came back in to Skopje, by early afternoon, where we will end our self-tour Macedonia adventures. We kicked off our Macedonia touring in Struga, and then on to Skopje, last month, after leaving Albania. From… Read More

“Macedonia 🇲🇰 ~Kokino Ancient Megolithic Observatory Near Kumanovo”

For something new and quite different, we drove out of town about 50 minutes to hike a bit to a mystical site; some ancient grounds which are almost 4,000 years old! We have been in the car so much the… Read More

“Macedonia 🇲🇰 ~Kratovo Ancient Town”

We made it up north from Ohrid to one of the oldest towns in the Balkans, with many ancient Roman historical bridges, and towers, plus several old churches. We had hoped to stay the night, thinking this was going to… Read More

“Macedonia 🇲🇰 ~ Church of Saints Clement and Panteleimon in Ohrid”

From the Fortress, looking down, this enormous church and it’s archeological dig sites around it, can be seen.

“Macedonia 🇲🇰 ~Samuel’s Fortress in Ohrid”

We spent most of our day on the road, driving from Strumica to Ohrid; East to West. It was a beautiful drive. We had hopes of spending the night next to the Fort we visited, but given that this was… Read More

“Macedonia, And Driving the Tractor Highway”

The wealth of this region is measured in tractors, tobacco, tomatoes, corn and orchards.  Road work is our nuisance. Chinese engineers craft deficits into roadways and debt incurred. We get to our destination, but like all lakeshore towns, the traffic… Read More

“Macedonia 🇲🇰 ~The Cultural House, Outside of Strumica, but Before Ohrid”

This was a random stop, as we drove by this interesting building. It made me think of the Munster’s house! (an old TV show in the USA) I was more curious about the inside of this antique structure, then I… Read More

“Macedonia 🇲🇰 ~Banjsko Roman Bath Ruins and Holy Mother of God Monastery near Strumica”

By staying two nights in Strumica, we had a much more relaxed day, today, sightseeing. The roads, the heat, the hard miles driven with lack of proper directions, wear us out. After we were done for the day, including an… Read More

Macedonia, Strumica Going down the Donkey Road

Moving to the commands of the lady of the maps proves to be menopausal. Tiny roads leads to temperamental road changes. Dutifully we follow every command, inexcusably we arrive at the wrong location.  An old monastery  named Holy Mother of God… Read More

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