“Albania 🇦🇱 ~Tirana Resort Joliko”

This is our latest “home away from home,” for the next two weeks, and after being on the steady go for three weeks, we are both ready to take a breather!

I would liken our stay to be similar to a time-share setting, but we rented this apartment in the complex, from a private owner. We have everything we need to enjoy the surroundings. We can wash our own clothes and cook for ourselves. However, the complex boasts a restaurant. The stay includes a private beach with umbrellas for shade. Back at the unit, there is a large swimming pool, too.

I don’t know why they call this Tirana Resort, as Tirana is a couple of hours north from here. We are actually in Radhime; a small village south of Vlore
Restaurant or as they say; Restorant. No menu in English, so it was a little tricky to choose, but I got the best seafood pasta, ever! We were told Americans don’t come here. We went a few times in this on-site restaurant, and we were always treated respectively and the food was excellent! On our second day, they had even come up with an English menu for us
Fresh catch!
Our second night at the resort, we made it an official date night. Lobster, no matter where in the world, it is expensive. It was soooo worth the splurge!
The chef served us up!
Seafood Pasta
We are very close to Italy 🇮🇹, being in Albania, so we feel the influence very much in some of the Albanian dishes. Not as good as Italy pasta dishes, but right up there !
Dessert was a bonus inclusion. The cheesecake was a homemade version with real gold crusting on top!
Stuffed to our gills!
My, almost 66 years young, “partner in crime”…err, I mean Travel!
We always had the pool to ourselves. No complaints by us!
Baro Beach is across from the resort
Living Room
View from our living room balcony
Evening view from this room
Second bedroom. Who wants to come visit us?
View from balcony in second bedroom
Normally I would not show the bathroom, but notice the French toilet (bidet) is inside the shower. Also there is the washing machine, and it is German. I will need to figure out some German words to run it

We are in an area, called the Albania Riviera. There are many miles of coastline, with beaches. It is quite beautiful to be surrounded by mountains and ocean.

By all appearances, one would think COVID19 does not exists on the Riviera. It’s the weekend, and the beaches and restaurants are crowded! No masks, and no social distancing. The music is turned up and families and couples are having a blast!

Today, our preference is to stain side in the A/C of our apartment, where there is also peace and quiet. The big guy is “out for the count,” enjoying a nice nap. We will see what the beach looks like after the weekend. It might be less crowded. It isn’t the virus that concerns us, but Europeans are heavy smokers, so it’s a deal breaker for us.

We do see signs for Scuba Diving, so we might check this out.

0 thoughts on ““Albania 🇦🇱 ~Tirana Resort Joliko”

  • Judith Helen Twist says:

    Looks perfect to rest up, not sure about lying on the pebble beach though, never seen one, only sand. We are spoilt living in a place where smoking is banned in most public places. Enjoy xx

    • Thankfully, we are years beyond sunbathing. I enjoy being near the beach, and being able to look at it, now. I love being on the water and in the water. Pebble and rocky beaches are very common in Greece and up the coast into Albania. There are sandy beaches, too. It’s just random.
      We are spoiled, too, with the non-smoking laws that work well for us. Nothing like enjoying a nice meal and the neighboring table lights up… pretty disgusting. It is one of the hard parts of travel. It’s not just Europe, it’s Asia, too.

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