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“Bird In Hand” has a much smaller community of Amish, than in Ohio, where we visited, earlier this summer. Both locations are great to visit, but here, there are many more families going about their lives, in a much smaller area, so it’s very easy to see their comings and goings. This, in part, was due to the harvest season, as well, given it is October. I’ve never seen Amish with their teams of horses and mules working in the fields like I did, here.
Extra bonus!

The village, Bird In Hand, was established in the 1700s, and served as a rest stop for travelers heading west.

It was during this time that Bird-in-Hand earned its unique name. Inns were identified by painted signs (completed by a long-forgotten artist) since pictures could be understood by all travelers, no matter their nationality or education level. The 18th Century inn sign that inspired this town’s name literally depicted a man with a bird in his hand.
Today, Bird-in-Hand remains a meeting place for farmers and locals, where they are joined by visitors passing through the area to experience the village’s rich traditions. The village offers the flavors of Pennsylvania Dutch culture and history, via its restaurants, bakeries, quaint local shops, and an old-fashioned farmers’ market packed with fresh foods, handmade crafts, and homegrown produce. In fact, this market resulted in Bird-in-Hand being designated a “market town.
Right in Bird-in-Hand’s backyard is picturesque sprawling countryside dotted with neighboring Amish farms. Luckily, there are a myriad of Amish attractions, to admire the landscape, a popular option being buggy rides.

⬆️ The Bishop insists on metal wheels only, if the Amish Farmer owns a tractor. This ensures the tractor stays on the farm, and not on the road for “trips to town.”

Getting to take a tour of the Old Order Amish, was fabulous. Being allowed to enter the Amish properties, including inside their homes, was very special. Visiting with one particular Amish woman; Mrs Fisher was so fun, and getting to buy handmade and homemade items; very cool!  Through conversation, Daryl ended up sharpening all her knives in her canning room. Her husband had gone out and while we were there in the farm yard, he returned in the horse and buggy that is their way. I was in awe! Anyway, Mrs Fisher gave Daryl some peach preserves as a thank you for knife sharpening. How kind!

This Amish farm is owned and operated by descendants of William Penn.
William Penn, (born October 14, 1644, London, England—died July 30, 1718, Buckinghamshire); an English Quaker leader and advocate of religious freedom, who oversaw the founding of the American Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as a refuge for Quakers and other religious minorities of Europe.

This the telephone shed. Many Amish homes have them. They are Direct land lines. No phones in house, and houses have no electricity. They do have gas and batteries.
If you are interested in the Old World Order Tour, we were lucky to find “Kathy.” She is not Amish, but has a unique relationship with some Amish families in this community. We recommend! ⬇️

Bird In Hand and Lancaster County 

We met a wonderful new person today, and will remain connected with her for life. She runs a very cool way to tour the Amish countryside. She also has the right connections in the Amish community, so we were able to visit a few farms, purchase homemade goodies and quilting. We could ask questions and speak with the owners of the Amish farms we visited.
Kathy led a caravan of four vehicles, and each of us (in our own cars) had Walkie-Talkies. Kathy did a beautiful job over the radio sharing on histories, families, and the Amish traditions. We followed her around for the most amazing few hours! I will never forget it!

During our time touring, the first farm visit is owned and operated by descendants of William Penn. We bought quality hand-sewn quits and a “quillow.” (It looks like just a pillow, but it has a large, tucked-away quilt, inside)! Perfect for our bed in “Tiny.” We also bought homemade jams and other goodies.


⬆️⬇️ We ended out touring at the Red Caboose and Motel. This stop is also not to be missed! On our own, again, we paid for a buggy ride and visited another farm, and bought more stuff 😁
We walked around, enjoyed the free petting zoo, ate lunch, and took an Amish buggy ride to visit a third farm. It was the day that just kept on giving!
In addition the nearby historic Railway Steam Engine train rides go right by the Red Caboose.
Incidentally, while hanging out, after lunch, the steam engine became uncoupled from the train car of people! This caused quite a stir in the area, as you can imagine. Thankfully the cars were on flat land, or those people in would have gotten a different kind of trip on this day!



Strasburg Rail Road: Explore Amish Country
Hop aboard this authentic coal-burning steam train and immerse yourself in an adventure through the tranquil Amish countryside. Explore Dutch heritage and miles of scenic farmland from a seat on a real steam train, from Strasburg, PA to Paradise and back. Tour the locomotive and passenger cars and get a glimpse of 20th century railroading up close. 

⬆️ Oops!

This is Millie. 26 years young

⬆️⬇️ The Amish have serious wood workers!

If you ever get to Pennsylvania, contact “Kathy” and take this tour. She is the salt of the earth and does an amazing job! Tell her; Pen n Daryl sent ya!

Old Order Amish Tour

(717) 299-6535


Out of respect, we did not take photos of the Amish people, directly, or inside their beautiful homes. (of course we wanted to), but it’s another good reason you must make this trip, for it’s just about the only way to see the amazing lives of the Amish people up close.
It brought tears to Daryls’ eyes and mine, for (once again), what we got to see and experience in this fabulous world of fascinations!
Daryl and I will return one day in our wanderings and stay for a month in this place. It held a special magic for us, which we want to continue experiencing. We ate fresh farm eggs, cheeses and raw milk. It was like living overseas again!


I chose a wonderful place to park our Tiny, right in the heart of the Amish Countryside. We will return one day!
An Amish woman comes to Country Acres Campground to sell her homemade goods on-site.
Very cool! ⬇️

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