“Montenegro, Leaving Kotor Fortress and Exploring the Coast”

As I was packing up, the last thing I saw out of our hotel window was a pair of pigeons loving on each other. The male was cooing his wife and massaging her neck as he spoke sweet nothings into her ear. They stayed there for some time; even when we left with our luggage, they were still perched on their favorite sign holder. 

Our expectations were high, as we set out for parts unknown. We had tried but failed to find the unknown on occasion. Many attempts are managed and routes rerouted, until we may or may not find the fruits of our desires. We said we were done looking for churches, but like an addiction, look for our next fix, we seek out the most interesting. More thought has been put into church designs than the boxy home or warehouse.  

As we approach a church, the architecture and probability that the doors are unlocked races our hearts. Grabbing the door handle, or pushing on the door and failing to secure a glimpse, a photo or walk where many a person have searched for solace with a higher power moves us. We settle for architectural photo and views on high. I find myself by the church bells with the ropes in my hands. I want to pull and ring the bell. The village will hear, I don’t give in. Wishing it was at the hour so I could ring out the time, but even that excuse eludes me as I don’t know the time. 

We drive for hours clinging to the edge of the road for safety. The coastal waters are just inches away on our drive. Road warriors demanding more than their share of the road, make us weary. The views lifts us above the road in a sense, calming us; for, who gets to do this. Driving during the summertime is a formidable task in the best of times. These are not the best of times. Health concerns keep people shuttered in their homes, not venturing out past the sanctity of their abode.

We are truly grateful we get to go where only the adventurous go, to search out new destinations. We relentlessly go up numerous roads to dead ends. 

A medieval stone-lined street is our destination, in a town called Risan. We walk down the slippery stones past shells of buildings and some reworked, into modern living areas. We smell the homemade bread and stews wafting down the lane as we pass. I stop after walking most of the way to retrieve our car and make a video as I descend to a coffee shop for our iced coffee. 

We set out for more pristine destinations. Perast, Stoliv, Prcanj, Herceg Novi and some other places I can not pronounce. Most are next to the sea. The roads are close to the water, as most all the land rises quickly. The mountains are like the maverick drivers, pushing for every inch of the countryside.

Out in the bay, we see Our Lady of the Rock Church. We see it from every angle, as we drive on both sides of the bay finding the little villages we seek. Three years ago, we took a boat to the island and explored every inch as it is very small. Wonderful memories everyone should see, if one can.

The day is ending and we grew tired. We looked for a hotel close to a castle in our final town visit. I never said we were done going to castles. The intrigue of getting a glimpse into the past, lures us. We secure our stay for two days to catch up in a few areas, and rest. We also need to give some thought to our next adventure in Serbia. 

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