“We Are So Excited!”

Though it has been six months since I’ve researched hotels and actually made a reservation; preferring to wing it, instead, during COVID times, it was just like riding a bike!

We fly to Turkey this evening and will enjoy some down-time in Istanbul for a bit. We LOVE Istambul! Then, we will rent another vehicle and do some road-tripping across the country. Turkey is very good size, so the driving will take more time, and while we might not get to see everything we want, what we end up seeing, will be amazing!

Our main focus, after Istanbul, is Cappadocia! I’ve had this place on my bucket list for a long time!  Maybe you have heard about this magical place, too? Been there, even?

Because of the COVID times, and because it’s a ten-hour drive to Cappadocia, I did make a reservation for our three-night stay, there. I did not want to search for “left-over” stays, due to not planning ahead in this case. I discovered some hotels are already full, but this may be because not all hotels are open, either (COVID times, again).

There are many cave-hotels to choose from, normally, and having been in them, before (Greece) ….we know for a fact they can be very romantic and cozy, but we also know, in advance they are darker, and can be a bit too confining for some; without the full benefit of a balcony or terrace to bring in enough natural light. Oh, and Don’t expect WIFI to work in the cave-rooms, either. We will have to go to the restaurant or lounge for that.

The trade-off, in the right cave-room, is a view of the balloons rising in the early AM, from the comfort of your own cave balcony, as well as the star-gazing at night. 

There are three areas to find cave-hotels, but not all areas in Cappadocia and cave-hotels offer up the amazing site of rising balloons each morning. I made sure we got one with the best deal, the best location, and one of the best cave-rooms with Landmark viewing. (reviews are amazing) 

Cappadocia is no place to penny pinch. Plan the trip, save for it and go. Splurge a little! We don’t very often, but there is a time and a place…. bucket list trips are those places for us!  Flying from Istanbul to Cappadocia is also done, regularly. We just prefer the road trips, as we do not have limited time, like we use to, and we love to stop and see sites along the way.

We are going to stay in Göreme, for three nights in a “King’s” Cave suite, with private balcony. We will also go ballooning, maybe go horseback riding, do pottery, get Turkish Baths, eat good Turkish food and surely wander around the old city. I have actually reserved two spots on a ballooning morning, already. Again, not sure how many companies are operating, and we do not want to miss out on this activity!

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