“One Year Hair Anniversary! ~Daryl’s Hair Journey ~Part VI of VI”

Part VI of VI

 Daryl has reached the finish line on his incredible Hair Journey!

It takes a full year, after getting hair transplants, for the growing process to be complete. During this time there were specific rules to follow, all the way to the one-year marker:
*No Hair Products could be used till the one year anniversary. This was a tough one as Daryl’s hair tends to be a little wild, and needs mousse!
*The other full-year rule was no clippers could be used during a haircut; only scissor cuts allowed. 
Daryl followed the rules to a “T,” and his results are phenomenal, in my opinion. But, I am not the final say on the results, as only Daryl gets to determine if he is fully pleased.
The procedure Daryl had done in Istambul, Turkey 🇹🇷 came with a guarantee for satisfactory results. If he is not completely satisfied with the results, after a year, he can return to the same place and have it done all over again, at no charge. They will even pay for the hotel stay.

If I were to weigh in on that decision, all I can say is Daryls hair is still thin, overall, though the hair which has been increased in what was fully bald spots, prior, has come in strong, as one can see.
At almost 67 years young, I would say his hair is amazing, and he does have so much more hair, than before the procedure. But, what happens in the next year? At what rate will hair loss occur, now; if at all? I would say he needs to make contact with the Nurse in charge and ask some questions.
If he wants these “first year” results with thicker hair, that is completely his choice to do it all again.
For the record, I like him no matter what his hair does, or doesn’t do.




Now, I’m going to turn the blog over to the big guy, himself, so he can put down, in words, what he thinks about his full head of hair… one year later:
Would he do it again? Would he recommend this procedure to others? Is he pleased with the 100% guarantee to go back and redo the procedure again (for free)?

Daryl Writes: ⬇️

We first saw the results of the hair transplant in Istanbul, while we were at a spa getting a massages. I spoke a little with a gentleman wrapped in bandages. I wanted to know more about such a procedure.
After traveling to several countries and returning, once again to Istanbul, the hair transplant idea started growing in my brain. I made a phone call and with only a short time in the country I got an appointment.

Using my “white privilege” I had to pay three time as much money as the locals, and nearby foreigners who traveled to Turkey to get new hair growth. But, I was set to get a hair remodel. My blood was drawn and spun, then my own stem cells were injected under my scalp.
One attendant removed and transported hair from the sides and back of my head to a dish with my stem cells. The red blood cells was placed on the surface of my scalp.
Six young lady attendants came in and started planting hair roots in strategic locations. Minute by minute ten thousand of my hairs were moved and planted in the top of my scalp.
Looking like Frankenstein, my new hair looked a bloody mess. Dazed and confused we head back to our hotel. Bunny was just outside the surgery room, waiting patiently.
I had to sleep sitting-up for three days. When tired enough, but I can sleep anywhere.
A year later, I have a full head of hair. It may be a little thin but great coverage. I am pleased, and would do it all over again, because it’s worth it!

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  1. It looks awesome – you’re a handsome man either way but it’s all about what makes you happy!

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