“Intermittent Fasting in Our Senior Years”

What is Intermittent Fasting?

We learned the most about Intermittent Fasting from our daughter; Chelsie. She spoke very highly of the process and I’ve observed her doing this for several years. She looks and feels fantastic!

During our last visit with the family in North Carolina, Chelsie commented that we are practically doing the fasting, without realizing it, so why not go for it? This means, we do not over eat by any means, (I’ve been eating one meal a day for many years; Daryl the same but with breakfast) and rarely treat ourselves with desserts, breads, or other starches.

So, the week of Thanksgiving, Daryl and I started this new fasting journey. It is not a diet, so I liked that part, first off. We also are not deprived of any food at all. In fact, we eat the same as we always have, but now, we do so during what is called an “Open Window,” then fast when our “Window is Closed.”

Our window closes for 16 hours, but it opens for 8 hours; for example. The closed window is the critical part. Drink a lot of water during this time. During the open window, one can eat as much as one wants, or as little. Eat sensibly, or get crazy. The choice is yours. We always try to eat healthy, but that’s just us. Now when we eat a cookie, a donut, or drink eggnog, once in awhile, its not a big deal, as long as it’s during our open window.

We eat our dinner/supper between 3PM to 4PM, then we “fast” for the next 16 hours; most of it, while we are sleeping, anyway.

By 7AM or 8AM our window opens; 16 hours later, and our day begins with our coffee the way we like it (Not black).

NOTE: everybody’s 16 hours of fasting can look different. If you love coffee first thing in the morning, but didn’t finish eating till 6 or 7PM the night before, while you wait for your window to open, you can drink black coffee or plain tea. The trick is no cream, sugar, or flavors till your window opens. (Me? I would rather go without coffee, and I have, than drink it black)!😂

So, by eating our last meal of the day in the later afternoon, we can drink our coffee just the way we like it in the morning when we rise and shine. Being retired, we make our schedule what we want it to be.

Results after one month:

My body is now on a schedule that is burning fat, for the first time in a very long time. My metabolism is working again! The first week, I strangely craved food around 7PM. Something I rarely experienced, at all, before this fasting. I soon learned to eat more at my last meal, and this helped me get through that first week, with less cravings. Now, while I’m not losing pounds, I am losing inches and cellulite! My legs look more tone, without the wrapping of fat. Same for Daryl. Our body will eventually get to the target places we desire to lose weight from, but this will take more time. Once we get where we want, it will be very easy to maintain.

Hey, if this works for us at our age, just imagine what it will do for the younger crowd who still have hormones working in their favor!

Both our bodies have significantly reduced inflammation! This is huge! I deal with chronic pain, from serious injuries I sustained 16 years ago. My body has always been in a cycle of continual stress from pain, and felt like an endless loop of misery, especially after a hike, or whatever. Now, with no added inflammation, I am coping with just normal pain and this was the thing that made me say; “I’m never going off of intermittent fasting, ever!”

Now, bear in mind, this fasting regiment will not have you losing tons of weight, super quickly. Moreover, this program is for the long game, so slow and steady, wins the race! We do not have a scale, and I have never relied on them. How we feel, and how our clothes fit is what we measure with.

We also, in our case, do not desire to lose that much weight, either. Some, yes, but mostly just to keep our weight manageable as seniors, so we can continue to be healthy and active.

The better food choices you make, when your window is open, the better results you will have. But, just know, you are not restricted by any food groups. You can indulge in those desserts you crave. It is very important, the longer you do intermittent fasting, you get your protein, so your body doesn’t start reducing your muscle to keep itself fed. It’s also not a good look to be super skinny at an older age. IMHO.

So, that’s out story. There are free APPs one can get. I use “Life,” but just for the clock. “Start Fast/End Fast.” I don’t partake on chats or require support, encouragement, or further learning, but it’s there if one desires.

My photo shows what the free Life App’s logo looks like 👍

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