“USA 🇺🇸 ~Memphis, Tennessee; Graceland and More!”

Though we are on a B-line back across the states, at a far less desirable pace, then coming across the first time, we took the time to visit the home of Elvis Presley, while in Memphis!
I don’t know why this visit never interested me before; might have been the mixed reviews I read, but being so close this time, we said why not!
I’m so glad we visited. It is, of course, over priced, but it is what it is. $74 pp self tour inside house and the grounds, including planes and museum.
I would say, if you are a fan of Elvis and liked his music, then you would like visiting Graceland. There are home movie clips I’ve never seen before and though Graceland looks smaller than we imagined it to be, from the outside front view, it’s goes on and on, inside!

Famed as the primary residence of Elvis Presley, Graceland is a 13.8-acre estate that features a famous mansion. Located in Memphis, Tennessee, it was originally built during the early 20th century. Since 1982, Graceland has been used as a museum for tourists. It was declared a national landmark in 1991.

Graceland was established in the early 20th century as a farm by the publisher of the “Memphis Daily Appeal,” S.E. Toof. He named the estate after his daughter, Grace, who eventually inherited the location.
In 1939, Ruth Moore and her husband, Dr. Thomas Moore, were given the land. They built the large colonial-style mansion, which still stands to this day.
Elvis Presley purchased the property for $106,000 in 1957. He moved in with his parents and Priscilla Beaulieu, who eventually became his wife. Elvis lived at the location until his death in 1977
Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis and Priscilla, inherited Graceland in 1993 at the age of 25. After capitalizing on the tourism, she sold 85 percent of the estate in 2005.
Over 600,000 visitors tour Graceland each year.

⬆️ This is the original Nativity set owned by Elvis for Graceland 

The whole house was very dark and no flash was allowed for photography purposes. I finally switched to my iPhone, but not sure the photos are that much better. There were lots of mirrors and even carpeted walls. It caused some distortion, but very interesting! 

At the time of the build, this kitchen was State of the Art!

The Famous Jungle Room

Basement Party Room ⬆️⬇️
Bear in mind, this house was built way before the “great room” concept. It was challenging to take photos with so many people walking a line through the home.

Elvis and his parents ⬆️

Elvis was a Capricorn and a horse lover like me. I liked Elvis 

The Office Of Elvis’s Dad ⬆️⬇️

Indoor target Practice Area 

Private Planes ⬇️

Gold plated seat belt buckles 

In Other News ⬇️
I’ve gotta say, eating Thanksgiving dinner at a Cracker Barrel in Memphis, not far from Graceland AND listening to Elvis singing over the PA, while we ate, was quite fabulous!

Our stay in the Memphis did have a few hiccups.
We arrived on Thanksgiving Day to Memphis KOA and nobody was around. Promises made by management and not kept, started that ball rolling. I complained and nobody helped us, then we got evicted for complaining!! 🤔We sat in a muddy bog for two nights, and nobody was around till the third day, when they finally saw my complaint (I think). We got our full refund and happily left.
50 miles down the road, negates it was already late, we got a hotel, and had a king bed and bathtub. The Memphis area is great to visit, but we don’t recommend the Memphis KOA in Marion, Arkansas (just across the Mississippi River).

This was only our first disappointment, after many successes doing the RV thing, and a huge learning curve for me, (us). We will definitely handle a situation like this differently in the future, if ANYTHING like this happens again. (Let’s hope not):
1. We will not travel on a Thanksgiving, or any main holiday for that matter, even in “open year-around places.”
2. We will help ourselves to a dry spot and deal with “whatever.”

Here is the communication from this KOA, a few hours before we arrived on Thanksgiving Day:
“Good morning! We are glad you are coming to stay with us at the Memphis KOA! We just wanted to let you know a couple things before you arrive. Our office will be open from 9-10 AM in the morning and 2-8 PM in the evening. If you arrive between these times your map and booklet will be at the night registration, please come in after 2 to register. Although our breakfast cafe is closed for the season, we still offer our dinner options so you don’t have to cook if you don’t want to. See you soon!”
My complaint:

“Why on earth did you send this nice message if none of it was true? We planned on eating here last night, after arriving at 4:30PM, during the storm, based on this message. What a Disappointment! Also, why did you put us in a wet, muddy soppy spot when several dry spots are open?”


We came in during a storm, and it was dark. The next day dawned sunny. It was then that we saw the empty campgrounds with so many dry spots! We were the ONLY muddy bog!
Standing water under Tiny

Sooooo many good and dry camp spots, we could not see till the next morning!

Live and learn, but still loving the RV life! We won’t let this place get us down for long!

Our first stop in Tennessee was so fun in Chattanooga!
Thank you Bill and Laurie for joining us, camping, in Tennessee for a quick get together! The campground is really pretty, too.

The best part of this long awaited get-together is…..we have never “met” each other face-to-face till yesterday, but “met” each other a few years ago through social media; and between FB and blogging, have become very good friends! They are from California, but work brought them to the east coast.
Laurie and her hubs are just as nice as can be to hang out with, as we knew they would be! We got our camps set up as quick as we could and took off to get dinner. We yacked the night away, and if not for our particularly long drive through two other states, to get to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and sleepiness hitting us hard, we would have stayed up even longer.
Today, we get to spend the day, together, before we go different directions. the plan was to go do stuff, but we didn’t! 😂😂 We started with breakfast and ordered dinner at the save cafe. I’ve never done that before! 😂
Laurie and Bill brought gifts for us and Tiny, too! We are so blessed! How perfectly thoughtful ❤️
Thank you both!

Last night as we were all eating dinner, it started storming! It did so all night long. This morning dawned beautiful and shall be sunny, with lows around 27 degree! Good thing we have a dry, warm and cozy Tiny!
Life is good! It’s never dull!

Some Random Photos  ⬇️ as we drove through Georgia from South Carolina, and in to Tennessee. We have been primarily traveling on Interstate 40.
We are currently in Oklahoma, but on this fast-pace, there is not much to share in the way of photos. It’s much more tiring at our age to do this speed. I like the retirement speed MUCH better! We are driving long 7/8 hour days which gives us sore backs and hips. Oh yay! 😂

Currently in Oklahoma! ⬇️

List of Native American tribes in Oklahoma

Official Tribe Name


Tribal Headquarters

Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes

Arapaho, Cheyenne, Suhtai


Chickasaw Nation



Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Choctaw, Choctaw freedmen


Citizen Potawatomi Nation


Sallisaw/Fort Meyer KOA

⬇️ I’ve also embarked on a new hobby and am boning-up on the learning curve. I’m still collecting the “tools of the trade” for this new hobby, and then I have to figure out how to find the time to play with my new toy! 😜 This is not a new desire; to treasure hunt, but rather a long awaited joy I’ve wanted to explore for many years. Now, is that time.

We are never to old to learn!

⬆️ I’m brand new to this hobby and super excited!
Based simply on reviews, I chose the Garrett ACE 400, to get started with. It has 10 kHz frequency for better sensitivity to low and medium conductivity targets, such as gold and lead. The ACE 400 includes five discrimination modes, electronic pinpointing, sensitivity adjustment, and High-Resolution Iron Discrimination.

Crossing the Mighty Mississippi River! Tennessee on one side, and Arkansas on the other.









































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  1. We had the absolute best time visiting with you!! Can’t wait to see you again, so very thankful that social media brought us all together!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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