“USA 🇺🇸 ~Jacksonville, North Carolina Onslow (private) Beach Camp LeJeune Marine Base and More”

“Thoughts become thing, so make your good ones!”

My daughter has heard this her whole life, from me. She knows the power of these words. Chelsie has been saying; “you are not leaving on Monday, btw” (only half jokingly)
After our first week, here, “Rusty” got four “new shoes,” and a new battery, but the parts for her new front brakes werent going to get here in time for our original departure date. So, as Chels said, all along, we are not leaving on Monday! Ha!
We don’t mind a bit, either. This means we won’t have much time in Charlotte, like we wanted, but more time with the family is just fine by us, as we are all having the best visit!

On this morning, ⬇️ we were up before light and out on Onslow Beach for sunrise. Onslow is on base and a private beach. (Military, government personnel, and their families, only).

I have spent many hours and hours beach-combing here, over the years, and it’s my favorite obsession on this beach, as it’s one of the best places to look for shark teeth! The reason for this is because of the shifting plates on the ocean floor just off the beach, which are constantly moving and pushing out these old treasures.
Since it was Veterans Day,  Joey was home, to be with the babes when they woke up. We also had a beautiful morning on the beach, too! Sunrise was perfect!
The best result for finding the bigger shark teeth; yes, including the ancient teeth of the mighty **Magdalen are following a good storm. In the past, Joey would drop me off at the beach, and Chels abd the kids would pick me up eight hours later! I would have hot pockets in my coat for my freezing fingers, as January temps drop to just above freezing. It would be raining a d blowing, and quite miserable, but my efforts have always paid off, because I did find a Magdelon tooth, and even more rare of a find was a two inch perfect quartz arrowhead! (I dian try es use to be at this beach in ancient time, creating camps, during the season of their fishing time. Arrowheads are a rare find, so I treasure this one.

On this day, we had no storms, and it was the warmest on the beach, I have ever known, here (not being summer). The weather had been mild yet, prior to winter, so the shark teeth finds we’re minimal, but time spent with Daryl and my kid, were the biggest joy!
** Megalodon, meaning “big tooth,” is an extinct species of mackerel shark that lived approximately 23 to 3.6 million years ago, during the Early Miocene to the Pliocene. It was formerly thought to be a member of the family Lamnidae and a close relative of the great white shark.
For fun, here is writing from a previous visit to this beach. Since it’s a Military base, practice maneuvers and bombing is not unusual:

“Yesterday I got to beach comb for the entire day (searching for prehistoric shark teeth-google shark teeth North Carolina).  Anywayzzz, on the private beach at Camp LeJeune Marine Base.  I Had the beach to myself most of the day.  Dolphins put on a show for me along the shoreline, as the beautiful crashing surf, endlessly  roils, in the sea breeze with agates, sea shells and shark teeth.  Oh, did I fail to mention Osprey’s were flying over head, practicing their maneuvers and tanks were shelling close enough the ground shook..and the “booming” was constant. It’s always an interesting beach day at Onslow!”

In Addition, while in North Carolina ⬇️

Before Trick or Treating, earlier in the day, we went to church, then had a birthday party for Grandpapapspapa

The Marine Base is so fun to Trick or Treat in! 
We had some good spooky fun!

We’ve been waiting for this day, since we bought Tiny. ⬇️
Normally, this deep cleaning would have already happened, BEFORE we camped in her, but having no alternate living space we had to roll with it. I cleaned, but the steam cleaning will be so much better, right?
After the deep cleaning, I will be so happy to put everything back in and get fully organized, like never before, by the time we depart from NC.
Also, Rusty will be getting a spit and polish, too. You will know us rolling down the road, because we will be so shiny!

By some miracle or two, we did finally get Rusty and Tiny registered and plated in North Carolina; no late penalties, snd saving us a ton of $$ (vs SoCal)
Any place Chelsie lives is good enough for us! We feel just that much more connected to them, in our nomadic life!

We ended up replacing a main support board on our bed in Tiny with hard wood vs particle stuff, since we cracked it….😂😂😂 and a neighbor down the street, on base, cut it and dado-ed it, and wouldn’t take any money for his time. Daryl is at Lowe’s getting screws to put the bed back together, and also get screws to attach our American flag on Tiny’s hitch. Yep, so proud to be American
then, we will be able put everything back inside and organize Tiny, completely. So excited to finally get to this point! Gonna be so cute!
On this day, we are waiting for the grandkiddos to get off the bus (early release day) and since Chels is out doing some errands, it’s just MeMa, Grandpapa her babes. A little later, we will all take a drive to Chelsie and Joey’s house, which is being built, to see the progress and take a peek!

Other than time going too fast, everything is perfect! I can’t ask for a thing more!

Every night, from the front porch, we can see the most beautiful sunsets! This is the inlet waterway to the ocean.


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