Bunny and I; Two Hearts Beat Forward As One.

With every beat, we move towards new adventures.

With the dawn of a new day, our destiny is fast-forwarding in time in line with our dreams and aspirations. The wind is blowing a chill at our feet, as we wander to new lands.

With a twinkle in our eyes, past wind-swept beach, to the edge of the continent, our pursuit takes us.

With pursed eyes, we squint as the sun spikes with star-like pattern, over a smooth ocean. The crimson light highlights the edges of agate stones, shells, sea glass and the elusive shark teeth, which is our mission to find.

Seagulls gather, and stand guard at the waters edge. The birds divide cautiously as we scan the beach for our treasures. After untold time I raise my eyes above the sands to find Bunny off in the distance, head lowered in measured steps. We meet up soon to share our treasures; several small shark teeth and Bunny’s one large shark tooth over an inch long.

With my back aching, I retire from the quest and head back to the day’s chores, spending a small fortune on Rusty’s, new shoes; tires all around, in preparation for more cross-country trip, full of adventures.

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About Us

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