“USA 🇺🇸 ~We Are Now, Full-Time RV-ers; Camping in Maine”

⬆️ Something I learned, after arriving in this state, I never knew before, is, there are Amish in Maine.
We have not seen any Amish yet, but, they did begin arriving here, in the mid 1990’s; buying reasonably-priced farmlands to practice their faith and raise their families.

This was a roadside stand we stopped at, not long after crossing over the state line from New Hampshire. It’s on an “honesty policy.” Put money in a metal box, and take cookies, pie or waters. The pies were already gone, but the jars of cookies looked amazing! (Maple Cream Cookies). We bought two, and drove on.
We turned around less than 1/2 mile later to get more! 😂


⬆️ Bangor is a city in Maine.
On Main Street, a towering statue of folkloric lumberjack Paul Bunyan hints at Bangor’s former status as a timber hub. The Maine Discovery Museum has hands-on exhibits on nature, science and the arts, geared to kids. Nearby, the University of Maine Museum of Art focuses on modern and contemporary works. To the north, Bangor City Forest is crossed by trails and inhabited by beaver and deer.

⬆️ This afternoon we spent some time at Webb’s RV Center.
We decided to get a trailer hitch installed on our “new to us” Dodge, as we are now kicking around some ideas for what we will do after the hitch is installed. While we are having fun driving around the states, we also have no idea when we will be able to get back over seas to finish our travels there…..Summer is definitely over now, and we are NOT ready to go full-size RV-ing, before we are done, traveling overseas.
We have been set-up for tent camping, as we drove in just the car, but with all the extra rain and stormy weather we’ve been experiencing, it’s not been ideal; moreover, miserable.
Daryl has his eye on the little teardrop trailers…..I kinda liked the No Bo’s, so maybe something like those will be the ticket, but we shall see.
What we know for sure is; the hotels are so ridiculously overpriced at $150 to $250 a night, for Motel 6 level, we are over that! AND, it gets higher on the weekends!
Was founded in 1800, and is often called the gateway to the Downeast region.
Most anyone driving to Acadia National Park, or Bar Harbor, will pass through this town. Located at a major crossroads along U.S. Route 1 in Hancock County, Ellsworth has been the focus of much development for the eastern Maine region.
With Acadia National Park at its back door, growth has been noticeable.

⬆️ The plan, this weekend, was to lay low in Ellsworth and Monday head over to Bar Harbor to play, (for the weekday crowds) then we go back to Bangor on Friday to get “hitched up!”
BTW, Webb’s RV Center is great. Super good folks to work with. We recommend! Ask for Carl.
What actually happened on our weekend, was anything, but laying low. 😁

Big smiles in Maine! USA 🇺🇸
We had no idea, reaching Maine, would bring on so many changes!

⬆️ We are now, the proud owners of a “new-to-us,” 18 foot, 2015 ALiner Expedition!
We found it on an RV lot, just five minutes from the random hotel we got last night.
We had left Bangor for Ellsworth (between Bangor and Bar Harbor), in hopes of getting a cheaper hotel rate, which we did (but only slightly).

This is a pop-up trailer with solid walls (not canvas), with an 1800 (empty) hauling weight, and an 751 pound filled weight.
We have Heat, A/C, Microwave, Stove, Sink, Fridge, Toilet and more.
We also have an outside shower; shower head and hose are inside a closed box on the side of the camper. We have Hot and Cold water.
We are completely set to get either hooked-up with campground amenities, or boon dock (dry camping spots). However, the microwave does not run without power hookup, but no big deal, there.

⬆️ Crazy story…. We have a nice radio set-up, installed with outside speakers, but too have busy, to do any investigated with that sound system.
However, on our third night, in the middle of the night, the radio decided to come on FULL BLAST VOLUME, mind you, and I literally flew out of bed, thinking a 747 was about to land on top of us, or we were gonna blow up!
I had No idea what that noise was. The big guy, was peacefully sleeping 💤 😴 away. (I’ve told you the house could come down around him and he wouldn’t notice). Anywho, I woke him up, and he got busy trying to figure out what was going on. He went outside, while I looked around, inside. ….and the noise was even louder, outside. Then, Daryl knew it was the radio (It was loud static from not being set on any station).
Daryl came back inside, and given the placement of the radio controls, we were both on the floor trying to turn the darn thing off! Finally, we got it, and all was silent, except the ringing in our ears!
I’m certain we would have been kicked out of a campground for that blunder, had we been in one (not that we turned the radio on, but who would believe that)? ⬇️

Our camper sleeps three, comfortably, or two adults and two kids. BUT, we get to leave our queen-sized bed made-up; full-time (my requirement), and still have a full-time dinette seating area.
Daryl can stand up and cook in “his” little kitchen. A tiny space for tall people! Who knew? It’s perfect.

Some History:
Daryl and I have a cute little studio we rent, back home in California, along with the main house we also rent out. Before we left to travel full-time in 2017, for nine months, we left our studio empty, so we had a place to move into when we came back for that summer; to get the big guy, fully retired, before we left again (renting that studio out at the end of 2018).
We have been gone all that time, till we came back this July. I wouldn’t trade the time, living overseas, for anything!
Our studio is really set-up for a single tenant, because it’s a small space. Maybe this is why our tiny space; home on wheels feels just fine for us. We’ve had practice…not mentioning being tied-at-the hip, together, traveling full-time and living in hotel rooms of some sort, every night of our lives, together. 

Back to our newest “Tiny” home:
It takes just over one minute to set-up and take down! It blows our mind how very simple this is.
Also, the RV dealer (owner) was (is) the best, too. He pulled our camper trailer to a spot, nearby, where we are hooked-up with power for a week, (for free) until our trailer hitch gets put on, in a week.

⬆️ Wild Turkeys wandering around. So cool!

We bought new bedding, cookware, silverware, InstaPot, bread maker, rugs, etc. Almost all the same items we could have used, in California, from our storage unit. Ha!

Life happens, so there goes any planning!

We’ve spent quite a few trips this week around to various stores to try to get fully outfitted. We are dealing with a lot of empty shelving in big stores. It’s just a crazy time in our world right now.
Getting storage tubs and a garbage can is not as easy as I thought it would be.
Daryl was able to order a propane Grill, built just for this model of ALiner, and he just got that delivered today. That’s progress!
The grill slides onto an exterior bar, installed on the outside of our camper; right near a quick plug/unplug propane connector.
I’ve ordered some specific items online, too and the super nice owner of the RV place said no problem getting deliveries at his shop. Yay!
…Outside camping chairs, table, lightweight cabinet, organizer tubs, canopy, ground mat, tablecloths, clothesline, etc….

We just love our little A-Frame camper. We are both feeling a little giddy about it all. It’s very fun, “nesting,” and I’m having a good time with the “tiny” living space challenge of making everything coordinate and fit! It feels like we are playing house!
Btw, our tiny home looks the same as the older style canvas tent trailers, when it’s folded down, for moving.

Truly, what we did know, when we left the states both times, to travel overseas full-time; in 2017 and 2018…was there would/could be the real possibility of needing to come back to the states, at any given time, due to having elderly parents.
In total, we got 4.5 years of travel in, overseas, and I’ve seen 89 countries so far.
Of course, before we left to travel full-time, we never considered a pandemic would cut our world down at her knees, either. We missed that one! 🙄
We’ve decided to go “tiny” RV camping, for a few reasons. Since we are not getting “vaxed,” (we both had C19 and have natural immunity), we are not sure when, exactly, we will be able to get back out in the foreign world.
We sold off almost all our belongings, when we left the USA in 2018.
We also would not have come home, had it not been for the sudden deaths in our families. We were getting around easy enough overseas, and we knew, coming home, things would be changing for us in a big way, given the drama in our country, (the world) at this time.

We hope to drive our tiny outfit down through South America, when traveling does improve. (and we believe it will be better than ever, when it does) Since we aren’t vaxing, we know this means a delay to get back out there at this time. But, we have adjusted our dreams accordingly, and are quite delighted again, at this time.

It feels so good to have a “home” on wheels to call our own. Sure, we could moved back into our own (stationary) home in California, but that does not fit into our dreams one bit. This is our time to go-go-go. We aren’t getting any younger, especially now, because we are aging in dog years, it seems! 😂
Oh my Goodness!
It’s storming again, but we are as snug as bugs in a rug. I could not ask for anything more! It’s another great test to make sure we have no leaks in our new purchase.
By Saturday, I hope to have our tiny home, 90 percent outfitted!
Right now we are a bit under-organized. Tiny spaces require serious organization, which I rock at, but need my bins, shelves, cabinet, etc. to arrive.
In the meantime, we get to put Tiny through her paces to make sure she is fully operational, while so close the RV repair place…..So far, we got one blind re-stringed, and one cabinet latch which is broken; ordered, so we can get it replaced.
Now, that’s a very small list of repairs, so we are tickled!

⬇️ Today, is our “maiden voyage,” first (of many to come) home-cooked meal in “Tiny:” Ham and Beans with Rye/Caraway Seed Bread.

BTW, “Tiny” is our trailer’s name, for obvious reasons, and “Rusty” is what we named our SUV, AWD. She has some rust spots underneath, as most cars do, when driven in snow states, due to constant salt on the road…and she was a commuter vehicle.

In the meantime, it is so nice to be more relaxed and not having to be pushed so fast, due to cost of hotels. I Do not like rushing, as I did plenty of that in my working, and family raising years, but hotel costs were dictating everything!
We are having such a blast, actually going nowhere right now! 😂
In two days, we finally get our hitch installed, so by Saturday, we can hit the road! Yep. We “got the horse before the cart” kinda thing for sure!

We have plans to go to an RV campground 22 miles away. It’s the closest one to Bar Harbor, plus close enough to get back to the RV place to collect delivery items…delayed till; through Wednesday.
We will see what plans actually transpire, as we are way more flexible, now.

We have not gotten much exploring done in Maine, yet, but we already know our visit to North Carolina will be a little later, too, now that we are camping. It will also be super cool to “steal” the grandkiddos away to sleep in our camper (while parked in their driveway)! 😂.
Our delay will also give us plenty of time time to watch the fall colors come on.

The weather over here is normally much dryer during this time, but hurricanes and tropical storms have changed that. We need to wait out all these extra storms happening this year.
want sunnier days to explore.

⬆️ My view from bed, as I look out at the Maine sky this evening.








OREGON again:



















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