“USA 🇺🇸 ~The Maine Highland Region and Fall Colors!”

This is exactly what we’ve been waiting for in New England!
Fall Colors!

Fall is here, and the colors are changing faster, going North, because it’s colder up there. Also up North are even more Moose, and we hoped to see plenty… and we did.
The original plan was to go on a two-day adventure, making a big loop; North, to West and back South to the same campground we left “Tiny” at. This plan did not go so well, and instead, we returned to Tiny after a long; too long, 15-hour day! NOTE: We aren’t hauling Tiny any big distances, till Rusty’s transmission gets looked at. No issues driving Rusty at all, but when pulling weight, we want to make sure she is up to snuff, as a used vehicle. 
We’ve had to wait 2 weeks for the appointment at the transmission place (recommended by people we trust) for the 30th of September.


Have you ever heard of Moose Monday? Well, neither had we. All we knew was, whilst we waited out two days and nights of stormy rain in Bar Harbor, over the weekend, Monday was the first day of dry weather with some sun. We got up early and out the door we went. As you can see from the photos, we really scored the right places for fall colors! ⬇️


⬆️ By late afternoon, after a full day of driving; so far North, (we would have entered Canada, had we been allowed), we came back down to Moosehead Lake, and began looking for lodging for the night. We stopped at many cabin places, and camp grounds, only to find everything was completely full. We had no signal to call anyplace.
We continued our searching, all the while, looking for wild Moose. It was around this time, we started noticing trucks leaving the wildness area with trailers in tow, and their Moose kills.
That was NOT what we had in mind when we looked forward to seeing Moose!

Apparently, our great adventure up North, fell on this particular Monday, THE Monday; and if I’m understanding correctly, the designated Monday, of an extra permit-day for hunting. This was due to the overpopulation of Moose, up North. More permits were granted up North, and less were granted in the South, so it wasn’t a slaughter, but
Hunters were everywhere.
As far as lodging? Forget about it. By Tuesday, there would be mostly empty accommodations, but that wasn’t going to help us.

By this time, it had started raining and it was getting dark and cold, it really matched our moods. We wished we had Tiny so bad! 🙃
Earlier, on our way to Moosehead Lake, we ended up at a washed-out bridge, just before we reached our destination of that lake. So technically, we made it to Moosehead Lake, after coming down from Fish River.
⬆️ Not a great photo in the darkness, but we sure did not expect the end of this road to happen!

⬆️ Moosehead Lake
The Moosehead Lake Region, where the moose outnumber people; three to one!
This unspoiled wilderness, solitude, and pristine beauty, provides the perfect atmosphere for nature lovers. Whether you are looking to fish the lake, or hike the vast forest, the Moosehead Lake region has it all.
Moosehead Lake, in the heart of The Maine Highlands region, really does look like a moose’s head, complete with impressive antlers. ⬇️

⬆️ This massive body of water (the largest in the state) is 40 miles long, covers nearly 75,000 acres, and has a drivable; 117-square miles of road around it.
It was a bad road that took us 1.5 hours to go up, only to be road-blocked. Not only that, but we were on the wrong side of the Lake than where we had planned to be. You know, the other side, without the washed-out bridge! Ha!

Oh Maps!
We had no choice, but to turn it around and go back the way we came in.
Once we reached Greenville,

with no rooms, lodges or cabins, either; in the pouring down rain, on this very dark and gloomy night, we switch drivers, since Daryl had been at it for 12 hour, and I drove back to Bar Harbor.
It was so slow-going in the pouring down rain and low hanging fog, as the first hour and a half was in heavily populated Moose territory.
Road signs every few mile reminded on the crooked roadway, told of potential collisions, with the 1,000 pound beasts!
By midnight, and back inside Tiny; safe and sound, we slept like the dead!
In the morning, we were even more disappointed about not getting to complete our wilderness loop. But it’s a long ways back to Moosehead Lake, and further Westward. We decided one day when we do get to go into Canada, we will come down into Maine, from Quebec, and finish out sightseeing up in North Maine Woods….We just won’t go on a Monday.
Enjoy More Photos ⬇️

⬆️ Indication there are Amish in Maine. We never saw any families, just these horses and buggy’s ⬆️


⬆️ We had based our day, loosely, on this map, though we went further North, and started further North.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous scenery – but what a bummer about Moose Monday!! I loved all the pics and had a good chuckle at Chow Maine (presumably a Chinese restaurant?). Love you and your epic travels!

    1. Love you, too, Laurie! Can’t wait to see you in the near future.

      New England is epic this time of year.. not if your a moose on Monday!, though!

      Chow Maine is closed, but thought it was a clever name too! Also presume it’s Chinese

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