“We Are Going to Georgia!” 🇬🇪

After a long winter, and almost five months staying in one place “waiting it out,” guess what? We just booked plane tickets to Georgia!

We get to be on the move again and we are Georgia lightened up on their vaccine requirement for tourists to enter. ITS A MIRACLE! Just a month ago, Georgia required the COVID19 shots to enter. We thought that was very strange since the Caucuses haven’t had the drugs to give anybody shots.

We leave Armenia on April 21 for a 30 minute flight! It kills me, though, that we have to fly, because a bus or train would be our first choices; so much cheaper, by hundreds of dollars, and much easier, but land crossings are closed at this time, due to pandemic.

Spring time is a Beautiful time of the year to be traveling just about anywhere in the world. There is also so much to see in Georgia and I don’t mean just monasteries!😊 As you can see from the photo with hearts, we have plenty of places to explore, and with spring turning to summer, snow conditions will no longer slow us down!
The body of water on the left, as seen in the photo is the Black Sea. We will visit this again, but from the east side this time.

We also have a one-year visa in Georgia, in case we have to stay for awhile, again, waiting for things to get better (easier) for travel. We will also try to hatch a plan to get into Russia from Georgia. (normally tourists can’t apply for their visa unless it’s from their home country). We hope to get around this and only desire to visit St Petersburg, if we are limited  in any way.

We really don’t want to stay a year, or even six months in Georgia, like we have in Armenia (though we loved it) because we feel so behind in our travel goals already, but it’s nice to have the option, as we wait for neighboring Azerbaijan to open to tourism (it’s currently closed). What we are concerned about is being forced home, due to tough travel restrictions. It’s VERY important we see our traveling goals through. Traveling as we do is so fulfilling. It’s real living for us!

In The Perfect World

Assuming we can get to Russia and Azerbaijan, we hope to leave for Europe by end of August, and enjoy three months there. From EU and other European  locations, we want to try to head for Thailand after that. Myanmar may be settle enough from their civil disputes by this time, and then on to Bhutan and Bangladesh.  From there, we hope to go to India again, do a little Safari in Assam, then go to Mumbai to pick up our stored luggage. (hoping India borders will be open). It will be at this time, we move ourselves to South America! Can you believe we will only have South America and more Europe left to visit? Then, we still hope to volunteer our time somewhere in the world, for at least six months, before we go back to America. (provided America a great country to go back to).

I know our planning tends to change, but that is the reality of traveling during these difficult times. We are still dreaming and anticipating  certain country visits, and do not wish to do repeat country visits. It never use to be this way, till our third year of full-time travel. We just try to “roll with the punches!”

It will be hard to say goodbye at our wonderful Homestay; Artson B&B in Vagharshapat. It’s been memorable and so wonderful! ❤️

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