“Armenia 🇦🇲 ~A New Realization is Upon Us”

Since last spring; 2020 and the first world-wide lockdown, in order to continue traveling from country to country, we would first be required to prove we had a negative PCR test, before entering the said new countries. Many borders were still open. and rarely did we see quarantine requirements after arrival. This was good. We rolled with this new way of traveling and it became normal for us. We visited 8 new countries following that lockdown in Greece, and had a blast!

Then, winter hit and the flu season came, and as anticipated, borders all over the world snapped closed! Now, getting past the worst of winter, with springtime near, we are surprised and disappointed to learn what is new. Traveling is not going a better direction after all!

Now, to travel from country to country, IF borders are open; in addition to the negative PCR test requirement, one must quarantine for 14 days in a government mandated setting, at the travelers’ expense. Only after testing again for COVID19, following quarantine, will it be determined if one can roam the country or not. Now, for the happy vacationer? How much fun would this two-week vacation be? How expensive would it be to sit in a room all day for two weeks? Looking at the ocean (for one example) and seeing the bright sandy beaches through a window (if one even has a window), instead of being out there playing. Would this be a fun vacation for you? Maybe for those who have a month to spare, on vacation, one could hope to salvage a two-week vacation; but keep in mind, there is no guarantee of NOT getting a false-positive PCR Test on followup. (Daryl got one of those and he was perfectly fine-so we know it happens).

Anyway, in my afternoon of research, these restrictions read the same for Thailand, Myannmar, and Bangladesh. I didn’t bother checking Bhutan’s restriction, because we can’t enter Bhutan directly, as travel documents are arranged once one arrives in Bangkok.  I saw no point in exploring further at this time. For us, it costs a minimal of $1000 just to change countries, not including costs after we arrive. We have also been to most of the countries in Asia and Eastern Europe, so our list is short for where we can (or want to) go and get the best bang for our buck. 

One other country I checked, was also the same on PCR testing and quarantine, but there was an addition piece of information that I did not expect to see as a travel restriction; yet. To travel into Georgia (the country above Armenia), travelers must show proof of having been given the full COVID19 vaccination series. Even if we wanted the vaccine, they are not available, yet, over here (in Armenia). If they were, it would only be for ten percent of the population on average. (elderly and frontline workers).

So, we can see the writing on the wall at this point. When we only had to add the PCR testing costs into our budget and time to do it, it at least allowed us to continue moving. But now, the governments have upped the ante, and are restricting travel more than ever! I feel so bad for the people of these countries who rely on tourism to survive. 

We are grateful we are in Armenia with a six month Visa, but that ends in the middle of May! We need to be in Europe by that time, if we are expected to quarantine for two weeks before our Rhine River Castle Cruise sets sail on the 30th of May. (we have had to reschedule this excursion three times so far-since 2020). Paying European prices to be in quarantine for two weeks doesn’t bode well with us, either. But, at least we would have 76 days left in Europe, to have fun.

For now, we are extending our stay in Armenia, by one month at a time, and hoping for a miracle. There is no way to plan anything anymore. I have tried and tried. Perhaps restrictions will lighten up and not get worse? One thing is certain. We have never been so uncertain about how to do travel, ever! It’s steadily gotten harder and harder!

On a happier note, yesterday I got the box my daughter sent us from the USA. Daryl and the owner of the B&B spent two different days, totalling five hours at customs; in six different rooms and with 12 officers. In the end, after seven pages of paperwork was finally complete, Daryl paid the $240 in tax 🙄 and finally was allowed to leave with the goods. This ended a two month stressful ordeal, and we are glad to have that behind us. We (I) am good for six months of supplies again. 

One delivery down and one more mailing I am tracking; my drivers license renewal. This letter mail has already been in the USPS system for ten days, after being told it would take 7-10 days to arrive in Armenia. This letter mail has not left the USA, yet. 🙄

Yes, it’s our roller coaster life, but we remain appreciative just the same, as well as grateful for our health and having each other to do this life with. At least we are living in foreign lands, even though we can’t always travel, freely. No day is ever a waste, with what’s really important. Maybe things aren’t going the way we always planned for our retirement, but, that’s life!

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  1. I am glad you have finally got your special box of goodies, what a relief. I think travel is going to be hard to do for a little while yet. The company I go with still has the tour booked for September to Kenya but not looking good to go. I am going to get the jab, at least then I know I will be able to get on a plan and travel, hoping.
    At least you are in a nice place till hopefully travel falls into place for you both. Puss looks all settled in and loving the warmth of the heater xx

    1. Thx Judy. We are grateful to be in a comfortable place at least. I read many comments from wanna be travelers who are like “Whoopi,” I got my vax so let’s travel. They have no idea what it’s really like out here.
      I’ve never felt down in the dumps begged, during our travels. This is a first. It is looking good for Amsterdam in April, so far with no quarantine and no vax requirement. Fingers crossed.
      Yes, enjoying the kitty love ❤️
      I hope you can get something figured out, too. It is nice to have trips to look forward to. I live due that!

  2. Oh my goodness, UGH! Definitely not liking this “new world (dis)order”!!! Thank you for sharing all the research and challenges – somehow while keeping that beautiful smile and positive attitude firmly in place. I see so much Jesus in you. <3

    1. You can say that again, Laurie. The struggle is real! Trying to keep my audits up, but I don’t like spinning my wheels, like I enjoy out and about exploring! We are in a wonderful place, and grateful! So far it’s looking good to get into Amsterdam next month. No quarantine required. (So far) what is strange is the no driving from one state to the next, so that may be problematic for the ease of rental car option. We shall see!

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