“Armenia 🇦🇲 ~ “A Few Updates and Even More Dreaming”

“Thoughts become thing, so make your thoughts good ones”

Yep, still here. In spite of the winter months and closed borders around us, we continue to love our time, here, in Armenia. No matter what gets tossed at us, we persevere. We had a plan to travel the world sad that is still the plan; albeit a bit slower, but we are still having experiences, daily. Living long term in another country, not just visiting foreign countries is educational.

Our Website is Getting a New Look!

Not being a techy person, I don’t know if this means this website will be accessible or not. I forgot to ask, and our tech guy did not say. With our downtime, we are getting our new makeover of our site, uploaded. It’s been in the works (changes) for a long time, but unable to implement, when actively on the go and needing to post! Now is the time, and we are excited. I will let you know when it’s online again, after we get to tweak the new roll-out look!

Republic Square

The other day, we made a trip into Yerevan and it was such a pretty, sunny day, I took a video, as Daryl drove the round-about of Republic Square. I can’t post videos, so here are a few screen shots.We are experiencing some 61 degree days with no new snow. Hard to believe, but the promise of Spring does look like it will be next! When we leave here to continue on; going South, it will be a relief the driving won’t be as stressful with ice and snow. (It burned us out a bit).

Shipped Packages

We were quite discouraged to learn the two packages our daughter sent to us from the USA on December 28, 2020, have been delivered BACK to our daughters house February 10, 2021!  Chelsie will need to go to the origin post office to fight to get the $244 reimbursed for the packages to go up and down the eastern seaboard! (Never leaving the USA) I’m not a happy camper. The reason for non-delivery? One word: liquids. Of course the packages contain liquid. (Essential oils) Of course the list of prohibited items did not indicate liquids being a problem at the original USPS, so how another USPS can change that rule after leaving the first USPS, is beyond me! So yes, much to look into and fight about…. errrrr😤

UPDATE: My daughter took the packages back to the originating post office, prepared to go to battle! Did I mention my daughter is an Iraqi war Veteran of the US Marine Corp? Well, it did nit come down from push to shove at all. The mail clerk was especially helpful, kind and very apologetic. That’s right. The clerk had NO explanation for WHY the package was returned, or WHY a liquid sticker was put on the box and returned. He went on to say, there was no reason for the boxes NOT going to Armenia. So, the boxes we RE-shipped (no extra cost) and my kid was told 7-10 days for delivery (again). I’m nit holding my breath, as USPS has lost my faith, but willing to give them another chance to redeem themselves!

Given the USPS debacle, my daughter will send me my renewal drivers license by letter mail through DHL. is to send out by DHL. (not a fan), but Armenia does have that option.

Operation Kitty Cat

“Cali” the feral cat, is getting very brave and got on the bed with Daryl. Major breakthrough. If we leave the door open at night, a crack, she sneaks in and sleeps with us. Something we most love about our cat connections as we travel, is watching the changes in the wild cats as they respond to love, attention and care. She has gained weight and has started to play with our feet under the bedding… you know, like a playful cat, who isn’t just surviving, but living a little. 

Future Adventures

When we leave Armenia, we are not allowed to go from Armenia to Azerbaijani (because of conflict between the two countries) so, we hope Georgia opens first. We can go to Georgia from Armenia, but only by flight. (No land crossings allowed for tourists). From Georgia, we can travel to Azerbaijani, no problem. If we can cross border by car, we will do that. If not, we will have to fly. 

After those two country visits (traveling faster to make up for lost time) we will head for Thailand (Bangkok), where we need to meet with a Bhutan representative to get our travel permits together for our quick trip to Bhutan. At $500 a day to be in Bhutan, plus the travel costs to get in and out, plus lodging, we only have one destination in mind. From there, we will return to Thailand, pick up stored luggage, and see if we can get ito Myannmar. There is much going one there, politically, so not sure if we can visit. From there, we will go to Bangladesh. While there, Daryl, will fly to Mumbai India and back to retrieve our two stored luggage pieces (India has been closed since last March). The reason Chelsie is currently trying to get us supplies, now, is because we can’t get to our supplies in Mumbai. From Bangladesh, we will make our way to Europe again!

We will spend three months traveling Europe (western and central) Does anybody remember the Rhine River Castle cruise we have had to rebook, due to the Pandemic? (will the third time be the charm)? Well, we hope to see this amazing, bucket list trip, through! (Cruise-Amsterdam through Germany, a bit of France, and end in Switzerland). We will spend extra  time in Amsterdam and Switzerland.

After that Europe adventure, we will move ourselves to South America and spend a great deal of time. While in South America, our daughter will come visit us again (just like last year in Sri Lanka). Primarily we get to see her, but secondly, she will be bringing us replacement items and more supplies. From S America, we will make sure to get into Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, etc. We will most likely continue to explore Europe for another three month visit, and after that time, we will be wrapping up our foreign travels and living out of suitcases full-time! 

Obviously, we must have open borders for the above to play out, and though it’s taking us longer to see the world, due to the pandemic, we have no plans of stopping! We do have the time; one of the great parts of being retired with flexibility. We have no plans of getting the vaccine, so we continue as always with a wish and a prayer, for all to work out as it should. 

We live by the words of “life happens while taking the journey, not just making the destination!” 

A few Sunset pics from Artson B&B

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