“Armenia 🇦🇲 ~ “A Few Updates and Even More Dreaming”

“Thoughts become thing, so make your thoughts good ones” Yep, still here. In spite of the winter months and closed borders around us, we continue to love our time, here, in Armenia. No matter what gets tossed at us, we… Read More

“Armenia 🇦🇲 ~ The Day the Earth Did NOT Stand Still!”

We just experienced a 4.9; 30-second earthquake! On the second floor, the house we are staying at, it was swaying back and forth and windows shook. It was not a little quake. Glad it was short.  Incidentally, Pakistan just had a… Read More

“Armenia 🇦🇲 ~Happy Valentines Day!”

Happy Valentine’s Day! My sweetie and I had a very low-keyed day. Since packing up and traveling full time, we have never celebrated an occasion this way, But, like everyday, for us, in our lifestyle, we get loads of togetherness…. Read More

“Travel. I Say TRAVEL!”

“Daryl’s Hair Journey” ~Part V”

Five Months Since Daryl Got His New Hair Transplants! While he is still a little far out from the one-year date of his surgery; which is like the finish line of a great journey, we are both noting some amazing… Read More

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Hello, and Welcome to “2 Gypsies In The Wind!”

We are well into our third year of our full-time Gypsy lifestyle; buying one-way tickets to circumvent the globe. We enjoy writing about our experiences and taking photos of our adventuring along the way.  Our names are Daryl and Pen,… Read More