“Pakistan 🇵🇰 ~It Just Got Real!”

By nothing short of a miracle, with the crazy weather (storms) trying to get to the Istanbul Airport, we are actually on board the plane. ✈️, and awaiting lift off. We are two very happy travelers! We are on a… Read More

Istanbul “Turkey Pakistan VISA DAY“

Our time with “our“ kitty is drawing to an end. It’s getting real. Our quest was to pick up our Pakistani Visa. The taksi, as they are called in Turkey, understands where we are going, and the time is the… Read More

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~We Are Going to Pakistan 🇵🇰! Hip-Hip-Hooray! Also, French Street and Around Istanbul”

Our main focus today, was collecting our Pakistan Visa at the Consulate, here in Istanbul. We got an early start, thank goodness, because there were a few surprises! The good news is, we did get our Visas, but it would… Read More

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~Yep, Still Here in Istanbul”

Today, we had plans to go up on hill called Pierre Loti. It’s a French area. I googled the directions, only to discover this area was closed! Why? All I could discern was the Muslims and the French are not… Read More

“Daryl’s Hair Journey” ~Part IV

Tomorrow, it will be six weeks since Daryl had his hair transplant surgery. I know! Where does the time go? The big guy has been doing very well, after those first ten days, which were a bit rough. This is… Read More

Turkey “Istanbul and a Ferry Ride; Europe Side to the Asia Side”

We crossed over to the Asia side of Istanbul on a ferry, from Europe. The marine layer is thick with the Black Sea merging to the grey sky. The sea is smooth with seagulls trailing behind looking for ground up… Read More

Turkey “Walking the Streets of Balat in Istanbul”

I venture out into the village with thoughts of baklava and bread; a bakery for my destination.  I will give you my impressions as I pass the broken stones and crumbled walls. The walkway narrowed as it led to a… Read More

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~Pakistan Visa and the Rest of the Story”

Oh Pakistan! Three days of visa drama, with surprise after surprise, but we are rolling with it. It also pays to be determined! We took a cab to find the ONLY bank in Istanbul that receives the Visa fee for… Read More

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~Pakistan Embassy in Istanbul”

“Round One” We are calling this a practice run! Life is full of these! While we did not come away from the Pakistan Embassy with our Visas today, we will not be deterred! Firstly, we got a “bad apple” in… Read More

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~Istanbul’s Rahmi M. Koc Museum and Travel Planning for Pakistan 🇵🇰”

It was another rainy day, but we needed to get out of our room for some fresh air and exercise. We have never been to this museum, which is very close to our stay, and just on the other side… Read More

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