“Turkey, Hierapolis”

Time period travel would be the optimum transport today. Seeing Roman or Greek ruins always conjures thoughts of this nature. We don’t research our destinations too much in advance. We only need a picture to spark a desire that needs… Read More

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~Fethiye and the Ancient City of Telmessos”

Currently, we have arrived on the Western side of Turkey, all the way from the East. We felt like celebrating, so we stopped for a delicious dinner, for a job well done; before leaving Fethiye. We put in some serious… Read More

“Daryls Hair Journey” ~~Part III

Now that two weeks have almost gone by, I am seeing Daryl slowly re-emerge to his usual fun self.  Just today, I saw his winning smile, and he was making (bad) jokes, like normal 🤣🤣 He is sleeping well, and… Read More

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~Adana Has the Oldest Roman Bridge in the World, Still in Use”

On our drive from Eastern to Southwestern Turkey, we have reached the shores of the Mediterranean. It is beautiful! Earlier in the day Along the way, we stopped to view another ancient Roman Arch Bridge in Adana. As we continued… Read More

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~Gobeklitepe is a Significant Archeological Discovery and Historical Landmark near Sanliurfa”

For lovers of history and amazing archeological finds, this stop was the creme de la crem! To others, this may be just a hole in a ground with old stones. But, this dig was a significant find, as it actually… Read More

“Turkey, Göbekli Tepe”

The significance of this site is textbook changing. Historical time is set back six thousand years. This was not supposed to happen.  We walk up steps, across railroad beam walkway. Every step, the anticipation grows. We are witnessing a religious… Read More

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~ Old Kahta Fortress, Severan Bridge, Arsemia and Karakas Tumulusu near Adiyaman”

After getting our fill of Mount Nemrut; a gems of an incredible ancient site, we continued the beautiful scenic drive through this remote and mountainous land. We ended up stopping at four more very interesting sites along the way to… Read More

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~Mount Nemrut in Nemrut Dağı”

We went off the grid, in order to see this site, and it was even more fabulous than we had imagined! Turkey has so much to offer, we keep adding to our itinerary. We extended our rental car contract, because… Read More

“Turkey, Mount Nemrut”

We left Cappadocia and start a long journey that leads us to a mysterious mountain. A seemingly out of place monument, that now is in the middle of deserted land, that thousands of years ago was near important civilization centers.  … Read More

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~Cappadocia and the Beautiful Lhara Valley Canyon, Krater Lake and Mt Hasan”

On our first full day in Gorme, we took a tour. It was reasonably priced, and it was nice to sit back and let somebody else drive the long miles, instead of us, this one time. Another bonus of having… Read More

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