“Romania 🇷🇴 ~Peles Castle and Memories in Sinaia”

I don’t have a lot of words to describe this incredible Palace. It’s absolutely perfect in every authentic way! I have seen many opulent Palaces all around the world, and there are aways strict rules to know before entering. Not… Read More

“Romania, Castlelul Peles”

As we hike up a cobblestone path from a hotel Bunny stayed at seven years ago, we made our way to Peles Castle. The path was steep and some cobbles were raised, causing a couple of stumbles. Gathering our strength… Read More

“Romania 🇷🇴 ~Sinaia is a Must-See Destination!”

We only spent one night in Sinaia, but it would be easy to spend more. It’s a big, small town, meaning there is lots to see and do. Another thing I love about this town is there is not just… Read More

“Romania 🇷🇴 ~Dracula’s Castle in Bran”

Coming around the corner on the roadway, knowing I would be seeing Dracula’s Castle, looming above the small town of Bran, was very exciting! I don’t normally visit countries more than one time, because there are so many countries I… Read More

“Romania, Bran”

We drove into Bran with trepidation, as we could see Count Dracula’s Castle resting high above the city. It is called Bran Castle, but I know what they mean. I have seen the movie and horror shows. Every year a… Read More


We tasked ourselves for an engagement with Rasnov Fortress. We set off for the day to head up the cobblestone road winding up to what we had heard was closed but the website said it was open.  At the castle… Read More

“Romania 🇷🇴 ~Rasnov Fortress, Rems Pension Stay, and Around the Area”

We made it to Rasnov, with a short drive from Bran. I am very behind in my blogging, because the driving from one site to the other is not that far, so we are seeing three times as much in… Read More

“From Bulgaria to Romania on a Whim”

We had a bad night, as an apparition came in the night, disturbing our peaceful sleep. We had not felt any Gypsy Tail Winds like this, before! Later, when driving, we were unaware, till then, of the spirits meaning, we… Read More

“Romania 🇷🇴 ~From Ruse, Bulgaria 🇧🇬 to Dimitrie Gusti National Village in Bucharest”

Yes, you read that correctly, we left Bulgaria and are now in Romani! How did THAT happen! There is this really large bridge in Ruse, Bulgaria, that is called the Giurgiu-Ruse “Friendship Bridge.” Before leaving Ruse, after a rough night,… Read More

“Bulgaria 🇧🇬 ~Ivanovo Area and a Rock-Hewn Church”

We had the very best day, today. Bulgaria is really starting out well for us. The ease of getting from one place to the next is much easier than we have experienced, the whole time in the Balkans. We are… Read More

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