“Greece ~Another Fun Night With Our Friends for Life, Plus”

Greek hospitality at its best. We met new friends, enjoyed the laughs and more great Greek food! We will so miss our Friends when we have to go!

“Our Future Travels”

With everything going on in the world, lately, we especially like to say how glad we are that we have gotten to see as much of the world as we have; over the past 20 years. Over that long period… Read More

“Greece 🇬🇷 ~We Are Making an Exit Plan”

While we are still on Santorini in Greece, we are forming an exit plan! Firstly, we were able to finally arrange our ferry off the island, for June 6th to Athens, Greece. This is a great first step, without hindrance… Read More

“My Seven Wonders of the World” 🌎 Man-Made and Nature-Made”

The Original Wonders of the World eventually became so old, most of them have since crumbled into nothingness. The exception being; The Pyramids of Giza, (as seen below), which we have been lucky enough to visit. It matters little how… Read More

“Which Country Visit Was My Favorite?”

That is a really tough question! After visiting 77 countries, to date, it is very difficult to narrow down my favorite visits, anymore. I have been blown away by so many fabulous trips, all over the globe, so it now… Read More

“Some Thoughts on The Future of Travel”

Hello fellow travelers. Are you planning or rescheduling your canceled vacations to Europe, or any other country travels, for that matter? It would appear that Europe, at least, is determined to have a tourists season, but what this means, may… Read More

Greece 🇬🇷 ~Papers? What Papers?

We are still trying to figure out our way around in this world, during these unprecedented times of a global pandemic. We have loved our time spent on Santorini Island, during lockdown, but we also knew that one day, we… Read More

“Greece 🇬🇷 ~Horseback Riding at Vlychada Beach”

As our relaxing months on the island wind down for us, it is feeling a little too real, that we will soon have to leave our friends, and the beautiful Santorini! 😢 BUT, we had such a wonderful time, and… Read More

“Greece 🇬🇷 ~Where Do We Go From Here?”

That is a loaded question, with no easy answer. Traveling full-time as we have, since 2017, I know how to put a trip together. It’s time consuming and challenging to line everything up, just right, but now, putting a plan… Read More

“Greece 🇬🇷 ~Fira, Thira and Oia on Santorini”

Oia, is the perfect Greek village. A Traditional Village, that transported us back in time I set out to get our rental car that is across from our original hotel stay, up in Thira. On the way, I passed the… Read More

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