“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~Istanbul Sunset Over the Bosphorus Strait”

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~In Search of Magic Carpets”

We are in search of Magic Carpets, which speaks of adventure and cross-continental intrigue; with the rich and famous.  Travolta, the mystic carpet entrepreneur, full of colorful stories which begin with a very famous connected Grandfather; who’s mere presence meant… Read More

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~Topkapi Palace in Istanbul”

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~ Fatih District in Istanbul”

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~Prison, Turned Hotel in Istanbul”

The Four-Season Hotel in Istanbul is very, very nice! The fact it was a prison, before it became a five-star Hotel, is quite interesting. The Hotel staff welcomed us inside, for a look around. On the inside, you would never… Read More

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~The Culture of Kindness in Istanbul”

“When you visit Istanbul, you may come as a tourist, but you will always leave as a friend.” Today, we visited a few more sites in Istanbul, and as we were trying to figure out how to get a good… Read More

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~ The Colorful, Whimsical Balat District”

If you ever visit Istanbul, and we hope you do, don’t miss a chance to wander around the cobblestone streets of Balat! One can find these narrow cobblestone streets on the European side of the Golden Horn; a body of… Read More

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~First Up a Turkish Breakfast!”

As we hoped, this morning dawned with beautiful blue skies and sunshine! The temps never got t too warm, so it was perfect for getting out and exploring in….. We had waited a few grey days for the grey skies… Read More

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~On Our Walking Self-Tour“

It was an absolute joy and delight to go on a walking tour of Istanbul, that would lead us to the impressive Balat neighborhood. Our friend and landlord, Taskin showed us the way and we enjoyed our day, together, very… Read More

“Turkey 🇹🇷 ~Easy Like Sunday Morning”

The sun is rising as bright and clear as a gaze would be, into a Chrystal ball. The gaze tells me, go hither and explore! I set out over the pedestrian bridge across the waters of Bosphorus, and witnessed a… Read More

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