“Egypt 🇪🇬 ~The Tombs of the Workers; Deir al-Medina”

Deir el-Medina is an ancient Egyptian village which was home to the artisans who worked on the tombs in the Valley of the Kings during the 18th to 20th dynasties of the New Kingdom of Egypt (ca. 1550–1080 BCE). The… Read More

“Egypt 🇪🇬 and Koshary”

“Dear Koshary, How I’ve Missed You!” ….. Koshary is one of those surprise dishes I’ve tried in a newly visited country. I’m not super adventurous in the foreign food department, but I tasted Koshary in Cairo, on our first trip… Read More

“Egypt 🇪🇬 ~El Mersala Hotel, Along the West Bank of the Nile”

“Charming Hotel” With a view of the Nile from our balcony. It feels so good to be in Luxor! We have three nights before we cruise! Egypt has a mystic about it, and the people are welcoming and friendly…. When… Read More

“Ethiopia 🇪🇹 ~Scenic Bahir Dar to Gondar”

Day 2: (Jan 7) Ethiopia 🇪🇹 Cultural Tour Bahir Dar, Gondar ….After breakfast, drive about 111 miles to Gondar; known as the “Camelot” of Africa….much more on this ancient city, tomorrow! Nestled in the foothills of the breathtaking Semien Mountains… Read More

“Ethiopia 🇪🇹 ~Fasilides Bath in Gondar”

Beyond the confines of the city to the north-west is another fine monument accredited to Fasiladas; a bathing palace…..Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fasilides Bath or Swimming Pool is a two-storied battlemented building placed within a rectangular pool…. Read More

“Ethiopia 🇪🇹 ~Fasilides Portuguese Castles in Gondar”

Day 3: (Jan 8) Ethiopia 🇪🇹 20-Dat Cultural Tour After breakfast, enjoy visiting the oldest and the most impressive Gonderine structure; the Royal Enclosure, with six castles and several other buildings; including the Royal Bath…

“Ethiopia 🇪🇹 ~The Church of Debra Berhan Selassie (Light of the Trinity) in Gondar”

Day 3: (Jan 8 ) ~Ethiopia 🇪🇹 Cultural Tour In the afternoon on this day, our last visit, was to see the Debre Birhan Selassie Church; or what is called; Light of the Holy Trinity, with the most famous ceiling… Read More

“Ethiopia 🇪🇹 ~Thru The Simien Mountains to Axum, from Gondar”

Early morning, we departed from Debark and drive through the Semien Mountain National Park escarpment to another ancient capital; this one in the 9th century, called Axum. We would be all day driving till we reached our next location on… Read More

“Ethiopia 🇪🇹 ~Tomb of King Bazin; One of the Three Wise Men from Axum”

“Ethiopia 🇪🇹 ~Ezana Inscription Found in Axum”

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