“USA 🇺🇸 ~Backpacking Through Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming”

Seven-day Backpacking Trip We would average about 12 miles a day. We Started in left hand; Southwest Corner of the Park and ended at Yellowstone Old Faithful Geyser. We Saw a bear within first half hour of our trek. I knew this was going to be AWESOME!!

We met as strangers, but we would end our trip as friends
We all divided up the food, and supplies for the entire trip. I carried just as much weight as the boys did. It would be about 40 pounds, at the beginning of the trip
Gods Country!
Being mindful of Bear Safety. Food up in the tree, and no food in tents
We would cross many fjords. VERY cold water.
It was a had, but rewarding adventure
The guide and one of the guys had a fast pace. I do not do packing, fast. The other guy stayed with me. He would later admit he liked my pace, better. He had never backpacked before, and had no idea how tiring it would be
It was a very dry summer. We were allowed only one camp with a fire. It was the night it rained. No matter, we were all too tire dto stay up very long
We were a good group
We were within a few miles of the end of our trip. I started imagining being able to wash my hair!
We made it!